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    I'd watch it if it were on tv.

    I do love the new season of iron chef. I thought it would be cool if there was a simular themed craft show on tv. like the DIY network were they take to craft masters and give them a secret ingredient.

    in addition to the show they could have a website were some of the ideas are shared.

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    there is (or at least there was. i don't know anymore) - "craftcorner deathmatch." 2 crafters are put head to head with piles of craft supplies. they are judged and then the winner goes up against the craft lady of steel. really campy and fun with a hilarious host. would have loved to been a contestant. looks like a blast. our wonderful jean was a judge on it, too. great show. unfortunately, it's only on the good cable, which was robbed from me quite a while back and i've been deprived of that show, and pretty much everything else i liked on tv ever since.

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    I thought CraftCorner Deathmatch could have been better/ longer, and thought the host was a little over the top. An Iron Chef-type version would be better... Craft shows are tough! It seems like none appeal to the masses...


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