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    Art Project

    So...I'm supposed to have finished some sort of art project for a humanities class I'm taking. But I want to do something unique, and I don't want to knit something, because I want it to be "artistic" and represent me instead of being just something useful or something, you know? But I'm having this HUUUUGE creative block since I'm already very tired from all of my coursework. Basically at the end of the day I want to curl up in a ball and sleep after studying/class. So if anyone can give me a cool idea that will really make me want to jump up and down and work on it now and would wow everyone, please give me a hand, because right now my creative juices are a little dry. Thank you in advance.

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    What about ATC's- artist trading cards? Same size as baseball cards, et. al, but usually based on some abstract theme or idea? Since one is probably too easy for the assignment, how about a set based on the Muses(humanities class and all)?

    Collage can be your friend.

    Cutting and pasting is very soothing for weary scholars.

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    don't know what timeframe your class is covering, but i sculpted and painted a sculpey fetish for an assignment when we were covering pre-historical art. i thought it was really simple, but the teacher was super-impressed and asked me to submit the piece for the end-of-the-semester art show.

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    Multi-media is always good, becuase you can do a little of everything and not get bored. I did a fictional historical journal once -- I found some pretty paper to collage and bind together and then I wrote as someone from the era we were studying.

    Doing something in your area is also easy for you, but impressive to the teacher. I did a video montage about stereotypes in movies and TV for a race and diversity class. It didn't take me long because film and video was one of my majors, but it was original and got an A. Hope this helps!


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