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    Quote Originally Posted by jean
    as long as it is a principaled conversation, i support right wing ideas on the site. the thing that is unprincipaled is when someone comes on and says something anti-liberal just to get the ladies rowled up.
    Hi julieflomom,

    I haven't read any of your posts in other threads, my comments are limited to what I've read here. I wanted to add that I agree with Jean's definition of what is unprincipaled but I also think it is unprincipaled when people comment without seeming to have respect or empathy that other people's opinions are based on different life choices / situations etc. Eg. Even though I believe in one argument, I would try to never tell someone who believed in the alternative argument that their ideas were wrong. I would (hopefully) understand that their belief comes from a lifetime of different experiences to mine.

    I also wanted to comment that your original post in this thread does, to me, seem trollish according to the "Roberta's Rules of Order" quoted by alteredtome. In particular, the comment about a "republican with knitting needles" :-) does seem like it might "attract predictable responses or flames"! And I noticed that both of the choices you suggested about what makes a troll included that a troll is conservative, which could rile some people up.

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    I read altered tome... developing, growing human beings, I think it's important that we are challenged on our beliefs once in awhile. Keeps the mind sharp, causes us to review our facts, and sift them from the biases we all develop.
    and thought 'hear hear'

    the same to jean's:

    i envision getcrafty as a place where women dialog about the important things in life -- which means some of the time we are going to disagree, maybe even heatedly. as long as it is a principaled conversation, i support right wing ideas on the site.
    but then read delqc...

    Learning to celebate our differences is a hard road that I'm still walking, but I'd like to walk it with all of you.
    Perhaps we all need to keep in mind those "criteria for trolling" and make sure that in our own behaviour, we don't perpetuate or create negativity. It's tough, and big-mouth that I am, I'm bound to screw it up more than anyone, but if we all try there's no where to go but up.
    and that has to be the last word doesn't it?

    I don't have time as much as I would like to get fully involved in most of these threads but I do love them and I love that this board manages to go from political discussion to intelligent dissection of that discussion to fruitful, positive thought for how to make it better.

    It can get frustrating, but mostly it's challenging and exciting and inspiring and I learn a lot.

    You're all awesome.

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