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Thread: Car-Free day

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    Car-Free day

    It's car free-day in Montreal tommorrow. YAY!

    I ride my bike to work everyday, so I won't change my routine - but it will be nice to sit outisde on my lunch break without breathing exhaust fumes! I also want to celebrate by writing a letter to my representative in government and letting them know I support more public transit options, more buses running on bio-diesel, and an expanded bicycle path network (something Montreal has actually started to do in the last few months).

    Is there a car-free day in your area? Will you celebrate? Can you take public transit to work, or tele-commute? Will you simply take a walk over lunch and enjoy the fresh air?

    For more info on car-free day in Canada, click here


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    OFFTOPIC: We were in Montreal on Saturday, and I have to say that traffic sucks there. There were so many cars on the roads and they drive like they're the only ones there. I would much rather walk or take the bus if I lived there. You'd probably get where you want to be quicker.

    Back on topic, I've never heard of September 22 being car-free day. I actually haven't driven my car since Sunday but I have to go to Vermont tomorrow, so I won't be participating in the official car-free day. I don't feel too bad, though, because I know there are plenty more car-free days for me.

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    just curious - is it a thing where nobody can, or just less people will? do a lot of people up there participate in such things there? just wondering when you mentioned that you wouldn't be huffing the fumes....

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    Hey sjkmaurice, you're so right. It would take me 45 min to drive from my home to my work (<5 kilometres), plus time to look for parking, and 25 min by public transit (a bus and then the metro) but it only takes me 15 minutes by bicycle. I zoom past the cars and buses hat are all stuck in traffic!

    I hear ya - it's not so much about not driving on one day as about driving less, and the one day being an EVENT to encourage people to think about their car use.

    Congrats on the car-free days you do have!

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    I sold my car and now I use public transport only. I'm against owing cars in cities.

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    The car-free day is a wonderful initiative! I quitted using a car for quite long but I drive a motorcycle from time to time when I need to go to another city. It leaves less air pollution. But it's more dangerous and it requires a decent kit. For instance, for me, HJC 980-615 IS-MAX II modular helmet is a must during my rides.


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