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    waterproofing shoes/boots

    hey all,

    just wondering if you have any tips on waterproofing footwear. i'm planning to buy a pair of boots for the winter, and most likely they'll end up being suede or leather (i am a bad vegetarian!)

    there's another cute pair i'm eyeing, that are cheap and of man-made materials - microfiber and fake leather. any tips on waterproofing those materials? preferred products?


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    I think the waterproofer I use is called Green Mountain Boot Guard or something like that. I'm sure there are various brands for sale at shoe stores.

    It's very thick, sticky grease that you rub all over your boots, then heat with a hair dryer (setting them near a heater overnight would probably work just as well) to let it melt and soak in. I've used it for years, and I think my leather goods have held up pretty well with it.

    For cloth boots, a spray would probably work best. Shoe stores usually have those too.

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    awesome, thanks katrin.

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    [FONT=Arial]I have used many of the water proof shoes and in monsoon there is mostly rain and i have to go out side therefore i really need that. So, If you are students then you can essay supply to gain more knowledge about the education. But if you want man made shoe that will be water proof too then you can use the plastic bags for that.
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