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    What's in your junk mail box?

    I haven't received junk mail in my hotmail account in ages. But the last day or two, some wierd stuff is in there. Nowadays, it's stuff that sounds legit (only I don't know the sender).

    This is the wierdest one I've seen lately:

    From: Admin at cia dot gov (huh? the CIA???)
    Subject: You_visit_illegal_websites


    Any of you had any good junk lately?

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    that's an email w/ a virus - DO NOT open the attachment... better yet, delete it and don't open it at all! ;)

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    Oh I've definitely deleted it. I don't take any chances these days. I hadn't heard of it, though.........

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    cackalackie, your timing is impeccable. i got one this morning that was both hilarious and depressing as hell:

    Subj: Your experience could be worth hundreds!

    mama always told me i wouldn't make any money as an english major. now she's got the spammers singing backup...


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