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    What are you thankful for this year?

    Well, it's Thanksgiving, a day I try to use to think completely optimistically about all the wonderful things I have, large and small. I know it's been a bad year for some, but I think that's what makes Thanksgiving all the more important. Well, that, and getting to gorge yourself.

    So, here's my list (in no particular order)

    *Another year of life, health, experience, and wisdom
    *I'm finally happy being who I am
    *I've spent another year with my boyfriend, Christopher
    *reaquainting with old friends
    *buying a bed to sleep more air mattresses, no more comforters cushioning the floor! And I bought it myself...extra good feeling.
    *having an apartment (with roomates), having my own two rooms and a bathroom for just me and the other words, independance and not sleeping on my FIL's living room floor!
    *Furnishing said apartment...since it was all done by me and the beau, with hardly any help from the roomies, not only does it feel like an accomplishment but we get to take it all if we ever move!
    *My parents are stopping smoking!
    *My older sister left her abusive husband and is starting a life of her own for her and the three kids!
    *trying godiva chocolate
    * my MIL seems really happy in Kansas, even though I miss her
    *our friends JJ and Jason
    * Tim Burton
    * decorating for Christmas

    There are probably more if I think about it, but what are you thankful for?

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    Yay for Turkey Day!!

    I'm thankful for....
    ~the antibodies attacking my thyroid going WAAAAAYYYYY down after 15 mos. on meds!! And that I feel so much better now. Not perfect, but better.
    ~That I have 2 wonderful, healthy, unique, funny, did I mention wonderful?.... BOYS!
    ~That I have a secure, warm home to live in, even if it's not our ideal place to live.
    ~That my husband seems to finally be "getting" that I can't possibly do everything and that I'm overwhelmed. He's actually been washing dishes! (Hey it's a start!)OMG I think I'm gonna faint!
    ~That I am able to home school my older son and not have to deal with the ridiculous state of our educational system....except to send in quarterly reports and such.
    ~That I lost 5 lbs. More room for turkey!

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    I'm thankful for:

    - life (obviously)
    - my husband and family.
    - everything I have. I'm lucky, not as lucky as I sometimes wish, but when I sit back and look around I'm doing pretty good.
    - That I found a passion - crafting - in the past year. I was always so jealous of artists who had a love, passion and ABILITY to do what they do. Now I found my thing.
    - my cats. Whatever's gone wrong in a day, all they have to do is roll around and they make me happy.
    - That the tornado a couple weeks ago missed us. Being on the 2nd floor I'm not too sure if we would've lived - not to mention losing everything we have.
    - That not everyone in the world is selfish. The tornado brought out the best in people here.
    - My dad is finally looking for a new job back in town - he has been working and living four hours away for the past year.
    - Dr. Pepper

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    -taking a very bad month (October) and ending it gracefully and positively

    -daring haircuts (just got one
    an hour ago)

    -finding friends who have made me happy

    -shedding a few pounds after having spent the past couple of months eating everything I wanted, including cupcakes, lots of them

    -modernism and postmodernism, in all the appropriate places

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    Tampa, FL
    - not having a crappy year like last year (dad surgery, me with kidney stones/surgery, freshman year of college)
    - knowing who my friends really are
    - wonderful roommates
    - my own room
    - wonderful and supportive parents
    - wonderful and supportive boyfriend (our third thanksgiving together!!!)
    - another year of life
    - finding out what I really want to do in life
    - the project for my art class that is finally taking shape

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    milan, italy
    THANK YOU, GOD, FOR MAKING ME A CRAFTY PERSON THIS YEAR. everything else sucked. but at least i can knit when i'm super down.

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    , N.Y.
    - a healthy family
    - my husband and 2 cats
    - all crafty goodness
    - good friends
    - husband finally having a steady job
    - grandmas cranberry salad recipe
    - my favorite holiday finally being here again!

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    Lots to be thankful for!!

    A terrific job I love to go to each day
    a great apartment with wonderful neighbours and fantastic landlord
    supportive family and friends
    my needlework (just don't ask how much space the supplies are taking up)
    And all of you out there who are a constant reminder to me that I am not the only crafter who is slightly obsessed!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    I am thankful for:

    *another year of life!
    *a year of health for my family - especially for my neice, who was very sick last year
    *another year with the Special Boy! And for surving our rocky moments, and for the blissful, relaxed place where we are right now.
    *my job, as much as I gripe about it, I have a damn cool job
    *for the stability of my family. My two sisters, my parents, me, we all have good jobs, good partners (well, maybe not my Mom...) and good careers. We're all financially ok with good heads on our shoulders. I'm extremely thankful for that.
    *for the fact that my Dad has had a good year
    *for my in-laws, who are great, even when they challenge me
    *for my friends - esp for my friends - far and wide, and for their health and happiness.
    *for my two kitties who are happy and healthy
    *for our cottage, for its trees, for the birds, for the raccoons, for the snake I saw last summer, for the grass, for the possibilites of what it can become, and for the GREAT party we had there a couple of weeks ago!
    *for good food, and for eating well, and for not having to be hungry, ever
    *for the ability to give to tsunami and earthquake relief efforts
    *for the ability to speak my mind
    *for my right to vote, both in elections and with my consumer dollars
    *for my skiis and snowshoes, which have changed how I feel about winter
    *for birth control
    *for my educational opportunites
    *for my hair, which I can finally put in a ponytail
    *for get crafty, glitter, and my online friends and support

    .. there's more but I'll stop there ...

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    I have yet to take the time to sit and really write a list of what I am thankful for, but I think it is the best thing to do around this holiday season to help keep you sane and remember what is really important


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