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    A tradition I can do without...

    How's this for the Christmas spirit?? Last night several kids ran through our neighborhood after midnight and randomly "egged' houses. Ours included. NICE.

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    Aak! Thats terrible! About 2 years ago my parents neighbors kids and friends went all over town stealing everyones decorations out of their yards, then took them out to the local park and dumped them all in one big pile. They were pretty dumb kids though, everyone knew who was in on it because their parents were the only ones left with yard decorations the next day:P

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    That's awful! People like that just like to bring annoyances to others because they're bored and have nothing substantial to do! Did you report them?

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    Our neighbors are on the board of the homeowner's association, and we told them what happened. There are several families here who let their young kids (middle school, early high school age) wander outside late at night. I honestly can't imagine why - especially since it's so cold and they can only get into trouble.

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    After watching our local news and seeing what some of the teenage lovelies are doing egging would be the least of their issues. Gotta love the mother claiming her daughter was innocent after said daughter was arrested for helping to hold an 86 y/o woman hostage for 2 hours, beating the crap out of her and going through the house stealing what she & her friends could.


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