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Thread: Anyone in NYC?

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    Anyone in NYC?

    How ticked off are you today? Hopefully some of you can work from home or are in walking distance from where you need to go!

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    I'm not in NY, but it reminded me of oh-so-many times I endured transport strikes while living in London. Thankfully there, people were far more understanding if you couldn't make it in, or were late.

    Also, many times it was either the tubes OR the train (or buses) rather than both on the same day. So I might have taken the train to Waterloo, and then walked the rest of the way. I have vivid memories of those masses of people quietly making their way over the Waterloo Bridge.....

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    I just left NYC this morning and flew "home" to CA so I feel lucky to have escaped most of the inconvenience. It took me an hour plus to get to work yesterday by car. It usually takes 25 minutes tops on the train.

    I think most workplaces have been very understanding. Especially considering the fact that so many people that work in Manhattan live on the other side of bridges and beyond tunnels. It sucks but it's a rare event. It hasn't happened in 25 years. I hope it ends soon and ends well for both sides. If that's, in fact, possible.

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    t h i s s u c k s!!!!!

    i live in williamsburg and work in midtown. it took a looong time to get to work this morning, but my company stated that if you at all care for our company and want to ensure good year-end results, we expect you to be in the office despite a transit strike. i figured i better put in the effort at least 1 day.

    luckily my boss was more sympathetic and told me not to come in for the rest of the week - she found out i took a boat into the city and flipped out! i walked to l.i. city and took the water taxi to 34th and then walked 15-20 blocks to my office in midtown. i didn't even know how to begin to come in yesterday!

    everyone else on my team lives in jersey or queens so they can railroad/path it in pretty easily. we're supposed to have a 1:30 release tomorrow anyway, so there's no point in even making an effort.

    bloomburg is really pissing me off though. does he really think (and all of the other members of the press) that everyone that lives in brooklyn lives in the heights and works on wall street, and can therefore just hop on over the brooklyn bridge? it would take me hours to walk to the brooklyn bridge and i work in midtown, as do thousands of other brooklynites who don't live in the heights.

    i don't know how i will get home though! so frustrating.


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