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Thread: Spirituality

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    I'm a Christian, and to get more specific I'm an old-school evangelical Presbyterian--I dig the confessions and creeds and liturgy.

    Am I religious? In the sense that I hold to a religion and said religion affects my life, yeah. In the sense that that makes me an insufferable bigot, I hope not.

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    I think a lot about spirituality and religion. I was raised a Catholic and still am, but I think I identify more with Unity-church type beliefs or lifestyles. I think God is more inclusive than some of my fellow Catholics believe.

    My main problem with sprituality is the issue of faith. There are many ideas that I'd like and I generally recognize them as things I'd like to believe. But that is not the same as belief. And I want to believe in something.

    I keep thinking that faith and truth will come almost like a lightening strike, but it hasn't happened yet.

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    Here's another angle: I was raised Unitarian (my parents even made me go to Unitarian Sunday school) where I was given an introduction to many of the world's major religions, I guess in the name of there being "many equally worthy paths of spirituality." Long and short of it is, I came away with too much information, and absolutely no conception of spirituality. (Not meant as a criticism of the Unitarian church - just not my thing.) I am just confounded by how people can believe in some sort of almighty power, though it's something I do wish I could understand. But nope. I guess that probably makes me a materialist. Or a secular humanist. (Remember those?) I do try very hard to believe in the basic goodness of humankind. So, let's say a naive secular humanist. (AKA "other")

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    Christened Church in Wales, attened Church of England primary school, went to Methodist church evert week for years.

    Then almost recruited to a cult (damn you free yoga classes for pulling me into the orange clad warriors clutches), but thankfully figured out what was going on.

    I'm an atheist, I was when I almost got hooked into the cult. I don't believe in any higher power or life after death. I think the universe is amazing, but I don't attribute it to any higher power.

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    i've studied religion and still do. i'm fascinated by it. all religions.

    i consider myself a gnostic, which means, that i believe in god and i seek more knowledge about god and everything that has to do with god! the gnostic belief is that, as you seek more knowledge you become closer to god. god is us. we are all god. god is not a person, not a man or woman, god is everywhere. it's that simple for me. i believe we are all created from a divine spark and that spark is god, it's in all of us...whether we choose to listen to it or be close with it. i use the word/term 'god' loosely....all cultures have a 'god' and for me they all are the same. our prayers/beliefs all go towards the same manifestation....we are all people and we are all the same...on the inside nothing seperates us. i think of humankind as one functioning organism and that's god!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PleaseElise
    Last week I officially started the process of conversion.
    Mazel Tov from another Jew-by-Choice!

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    I grew up in the Southern Baptist church but had what I guess you'd term a crisis of faith when I was about 17 and decided that I didn't belong there anymore. Not long after, I started going to a nondenominational Christian church, which I stuck with for the next ten years. Overall, that was a very good experience, but eventually I started feeling like I was still missing something. So I wound up at the Unitarian church, which I like very much. My church attendance has been, um, spotty at best for awhile, but I really like it there. The worship style is very similar to traditional Christian services in style if not in content, and it has been intersting for me to see how much of that I like. The nondenominational church I went to used a lot of pop music and drama and movie clips in services, which I really liked, but I've really enjoyed being back in an environment where there is congregational singing and a choir and stuff. Surprising, but nice ;).

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    I've recently started going back to church about once a month. It stikes me as interesting how different one parish is from the next... and with the change of the pope - well that changes the message too...
    the whole experience has got me to thinking that maybe I need to change religions.
    I am way more conservative than I used to be, but I think RC sped on past me.

    I need something that is a happy medium between the two.


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    I'm buddhist.

    My half my family is christian and the other half is buddhist. So we're open with religion and my parents encouraged us to find our way. I did attend a christian church, but it just didn't fit into my belief system. I still go occasionally with my partner's family on holidays, so you could say I'm a c&e buddhist! (c&e christian/catholic = people who only go to church on those days)

    I've found my path and enjoy it. My family celebrates holy days, go to temple occasionally, and we do ancestor veneration/worship. (I wish there was a better word for it, think Day of the Dead but more often) I try to live my life mindfully and meditate.

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