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    milan, italy

    Best 3 things of the US of A

    I used to have an American boyfriend and loved him and his country. I didn't like Bush and US foreign policy, but there were still many things that I liked about the USA (I even considered moving to the US). After breaking up with my boyfriend I am at risk of forgetting why America can be cool. Any crafter from the US (or not) cares to remind me? Tell me your top 3 truly American items. Could be anything (except Tom DeLay, blechhh). Thanks.

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    -i think the usa had some of the most incredible national parks anywhere in the world.

    -we have new orleans, arguably one of most culture-rich, unique, mysterious, beautiful cities anywhere.

    -and we have jon stewart :)

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    -we have the blue ridge mountains

    -we are chock full (maybe overfull) of idealism

    -we got a pretty awesome constitution, depending on who's interpreting it

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    Oh this is a good one! I'll be thinking about it.

    There are so many things we have that other countries have (nice people, gorgeous scenery). But there are so many things uniquely American. And sometimes they jump out at you. Right now I'm struggling, but will give it some thought. This should be good! Thanks!

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    wow, i always find myself missing the time i spent in italy, and thinking of all the cool things about europe!

    my favorite american things:

    * fashion - milan may have prada, but we have calvin klein, marc jacobs, ralph lauren, anna sui, michael kors and tons of up and coming labels to drool over

    * new york city - i love living here, and what's truly "american" about it is that every day is like a trip around the world - its such a melting pot

    * the culture - there's really great music, art, film and media from america. where would i be without the velvet underground, all of my superbly talented art professors, american vogue, dr. strangelove, annie hall, and the wizard of oz, and the crazy 80's tv shows i grew up watching?

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    I don't think these are exactly "the best" or even my favorites but 3 random things popped into my head when I read your question, places that seem American to me for better or for worse:

    Cadillac Ranch in Texas


    Grocery stores - I worked as a refugee relocation volunteer and I remember the shock on the faces of the Vietnamese family I took to the local supermarket. American bounty and excess.


    The Exploratorium in SF!


    Again, my 3 would probably change daily. These are 3 American "experiences" I would suggest to anyone visiting the country.

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    -Mexican food in Northern California. Where else in the world can you get a decent chile relleno burrito made real fresh produce and beans with no lard? Nowhere. Apparently in other parts of the world and US they think jalapeno poppers qualify as Mexican food.

    -Beer in Northern California. We have Boont Amber. Need i say more?

    -Northern California itself.

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    Isn't there a thing in Greek tragedy where the things that make the hero heroic are also the things that bring him down? That's kind of how I feel about the U.S. Our greatest strengths are also our biggest weaknesses.

    1. Americans tend to be really optimistic about individuals' potential. We really believe that if you have a dream, you can work hard and achieve it. We really believe that we can be whatever and whoever we want to be. (Well, most of us do. Some people aren't allowed to have those illusions.) There's something infectious and wonderful about this sense of endless possibility, and it's led a lot of Americans to achieve good things. But it also leads us to blame people unfairly for failing to succeed, and our emphasis on individual achievement often comes at the expense of a sense of community and mutual obligation.

    2. America is a really beautiful country. It's hard to overstate the country's natural beauty. But having all that wide open space sometimes makes us believe that nature provides boundless resources. We forget that there are limits.

    3. Like a lot of places that bring together diverse cultures, we have fascinating and dynamic pop culture. At its best, this is a really wonderful thing. America gave the world jazz, tap-dancing, rock and roll, gumbo... all sorts of good, fusion-y stuff that combines lots of cultural influences in productive ways. At its worst, though, our pop culture is bland, commercial, and seems completely devoid of connection to cultural roots. We also gave the world McDonalds and the Home Alone movies.

    I sometimes like to pretend that I'm a "good American" who is aligned with all the good stuff and has nothing to do with the bad. But I don't think that works. It's all totally smushed together.

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    1. America is such a big, beautiful country, with so much to see and do! Mountains, forests, deserts, canyons, beaches, and lakes. Museums, theater, theme parks, some of the best restaurants in the world, beautiful animals... I'm getting patriotic just thinking about it!

    2. A lot of the best plays, movies, books, musicians, artists, comedians, everything of the past couple hunded years have come from America. Think about it! There's A Streetcar Named Desire, The Wizard of Oz, Catcher in the Rye, Billie Holiday, Georgia O'Keefe, and Lucille Ball, just to name a few that I happen to like.

    3. America is number one in guilty pleasures per capita and say what you will, but they are called guilty PLEASURES for a reason. Everyone likes a little trash in their life every now and then and although America may have a little bit too much of it, you are guaranteed that whenever you need a reality show/cheese fry/tabloid fix, it will not be far away.

    This is kind of nice. I spend so much time fixating on the negative (ie: the president and the people who made him president) that I forget some of the really great things about this country.

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    1) I love that this country has such a widely diverse ethnic poulation. I can go to the grocery store and hear people speaking Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, French, and Swedish all in one visit!!

    2) The wide diversity of our landscape is just amazing. Just driving from here to Chicago, where my sister lives, can be quite the visual experience.

    3) Culture, culture, culture......just in my own small metropolis here, where people come expecting it to be so conservative. We have an amazing array of culteral experiences well-appreciated by locals and visitors alike.

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