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Thread: It just occurred to me (spin-off from healthcare)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jangrl
    after three different threads and multiple posts, no one had issues with halfnhalf until she made that silly liberal pot-smoker comment.
    That comment didn't annoy me half as much as her refusal to discuss questions that I and others brought up in our posts. I don't think she is a troll, I just find that slightly infuriating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starfish
    I want to add that I doubt Jean is raking it in with the book. She maybe got a little money for it, but very few authors make anything on books. I doubt that she made a dollar an hour for the work she put into it.

    Writing books is a really poor way to make money.

    ETA to add: I went to a super liberal school. Berkeley is all about liberalism, we were all too busy being stoned and liberal all day to care about academics.
    ok, just to set the record straight: getcrafty has been a personal and political success and given me enormous pleasure but i am barely making the hosting costs! i have never made a single cent from the site, and if i added it up, i've probably LOST money. i guess that makes me a bad capitalist but a good entrepenuer. i love to build and make things, so i do this site b/c it makes me happy and i think community is a beautiful thing.

    but alas, this conversation is getting folks upset -- it's one fo those BIG topics that gets every all worked up. how about we all take a little break, agree to disagree--and perhaps someone wants to write an article for getcrafty on the connection between capitalism and the craft community -- pro and con? cause on one-hand i think crafting can be anti-materialistic (i like this part, being a lefty at heart) -- on the other hand, it's incredibly entrepeneurial, with all these crafters starting their own businesses and trying to make $$$$, which i like too. i want people to be happy and successful, while doing the least amount of harm.

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    thanks for clearing up the issue that started this melee, jean!

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