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    I need goals, darn it!

    As some of you know, we moved to Reno a couple of weeks ago. Ever since the possibility of this move popped up Thanksgiving week, my head has been spinning around and around and around with what needs to be done to get us here.

    Now we are here and everything that needed to be done for everyone else is done. The only person left is ME, but I am having trouble getting started on myself.

    What's my problem? I sold my DJ business, which was a constant source of occupation and!) for the past 10 years. The handmade items and art i've created and sold was a side business to that. I'm actually excited that I can be fulltime with this creative thing, but I am also BLOCKED from moving on to start working on stuff to turn this into FT production.


    So I need to set goals. What is the best way to do this? I'm really terrible with setting goals for MYSELF. It was one thing when I had a wedding client and I needed to get stuff done for them. I do have some orders I need to get done that came in as I was leaving, but the client ( a friend ) is very flexible and just wants them sometime before "spring". That isn't helping me!

    All Expert Goal Setters (and follow-throughers!), please advise! :)


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    I'm not experienced at your kind of situation, but I can say that the best advice I've ever had as regards setting goals is to tell other people about them.

    Set yourself realistic deadlines and then tell your friends, family and even your blog (maybe your dog too for that matter, or cat) what and when they are. Then work out a plan to reach them.

    If your client has no ideas about a definite deadline, decide for yourself when that will be, for example, you may decide that spring starts on 25th March or 16th April (randomly selected dates). Then aim to have completed your work 2 weeks before the definite deadline, because things never go to plan so you'll appreciate the extra time.

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    this is kind of silly, but i have to start with really mundane goals when i have no big ones. like, i have to get out of bed by 8:30 every week day, and go to the gym 3 times a week, or whatever. otherwise i tend to kind of melt into a schedule of sleeping in and never quite getting anything done.

    for your wedding client, maybe you could break all the things you have to do down and set hard deadlines for yourself. then you could stagger the small goals out so it's not "i have to have the whole project done by April 10th" but more like "I have to have the tableclothes (or whatever) done by March 5th, and then I will work on the centerpieces and have them done by the end of the month."

    something like that... then you have time to fit your other crafty stuff in, and you won't end up with the wntire project needing to be done at once.

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    You may want to start with a very bare bones business plan. Think about where you'd like to be this time next year, and then backtrack to find your daily goals. Take some time to write it out: Main Goal, How I plan to get acheive it, What I can do today to work towards this goal.

    So let's say . . . I'd like to make $20,000 selling hand-painted footstools next year.
    That means I need to make 200 footstools, so i'll try to make four footstools every week.
    Today, I'll pick out what colors to use in my design.

    If you're not feeling motivated, try to pick at least one tiny thing creative or one tiny thing to advance your business to do each day. It could be as simple as making a sketch, reading an article about marketing, or checking out a store that might be interested in carrying your work. It is a lot less scary when you just take it a little bit at a time!

    I keep all my business notes in a binder so when I am feeling like I am losing direction, I can look through my ideas and get back on track.

    Hope those ideas help!


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