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    I really like to play Diablo II and Dungeon Siege II. Our computer has been down so I haven't played them in months. Instead I have been entertaining myself with the PS2 and Dragon Quest VIII. It is pretty great.

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    Pikmin and Metroid and Resident Evil and Monkey Ball and Zelda and Paper Mario... basically everything that is at first GameCube only :)

    I went through a Harvest Moon phase, but then school started and I had to cut myself off.

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    These are the games I like alot..

    -Paper Mario:(Gamecube)
    This is an RPG so expect to be spending alot of time on it, but its really cute and fun. I enjoyed it alot.

    -We Love Katamari:(Play Station 2)
    This game is so much fun, you get to roll around your katamari ball, rolling up fire flies, and what not.

    -Mario Party 6: (Game Cube)
    this is a lot of fun to play with 4 people.

    -Lego Star Wars: (Play Station 2)
    This is probably one of my all time favorites. Me and my boyfriend play it together and have tons of fun. You get to drive a pod racer, and you can be R2D2 or Yoda and a ton of other characters.

    I also like these games:
    - Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
    -Mario Cart Double Dash
    - Mario 3
    -Animal Crossing

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    Old school all the way - tetris and Ms Pac Man are my all time favorites. I also love air hockey although it's not a video game.

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    I love Tetris, too. I need to get a good Tetris game. My mom & I played Super Tetris for like 10 years, really often. It was my favorite game EVER. It's like regular tetris but with bombs, and awesome Russian Circus music. Then, our super old computer crashed, and it was erased, and I looked EVERYWHERE, and haven't been able to find it, except for one inferior version. Man that was a great game.
    On the computer, I love Kingdom of Loathing:
    I don't like other RPGs, I think because they're not funny like KOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan
    I don't like other RPGs, I think because they're not funny like KOL.
    You should try "The Bard". It is hysterical but it is only a one player computer game. I bought it for my mom for Mother's day then she had me borrow it. I had until Christmas, then my husband wrapped it up and gave it back to her. You could play a nice bard which isn't all that nice or you could play "snarky." Sometimes you can't get anywhere unless you are "snarky," though. It was a lot of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan
    I love Tetris, too. I need to get a good Tetris game.
    Did or does anyone play on TetriNet? A friend and I used to play over the network in college. It's a two-person game of Tetris where you can affect the other player's game (blowing up their blocks, speeding them up, a variety of other things) and, at least back in the day, was a lot of fun. :)

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    The last video game I really liked was The Witcher 3. I have recently finished playing it. The only games I'm currently playing are online ones, in most cases I visit Gambl Sites to find out trustworthy casinos with good bonuses and play slots. But I'm looking for a new game to play. As this thread is old, I've found many games I forgot about. Maybe I'll play some of them once again.

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