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    You know how you think you have a bad body? Well, you don't. You have a good body. In fact, you have a fucking great body. In ten years, you're not going to have the luxury of thinking that a good body is one with a perfectly flat stomach and non-jiggly thighs. In ten years, you're going to regret not enjoying your body when you could take for granted that it was going to work properly.

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    You know, I love this, too. You can't possibly feel alone when you've got anonymous wisdom at your fingertips. I hope it continues on- reading this has been so inspirational.
    Thanks, everyone.

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    Learn to forgive. Holding things against people only hurts you -- often they don't really even know you're doing it. Forgive everything that you're holding onto -- large and small things. If you don't know how to forgive, start here -- say the person's name out loud and then say "I forgive you for ____." Try it.

    Give donations to your favorite charity, even if it's only $5.

    Don't buy magazines from those "college kids" who travel around selling magazine subscriptions.

    Read and find out all about things that you thought were true, but aren't.

    Try not to "peg" people before you get to know them.

    If you're still in college (or not in college yet), DON'T get your degree in the "safe" field. Get a degree in the field you are passionate about, even if it means staying in school longer. Go for the job that most fascinates you.

    Keep a spending diary for one month -- you'll be surprised at how much money you flush down the toilet. After that month, figure out where you really want to be spending that money.

    Buy a house as early as you can, even if it's a cheaper one than you'd like. Equity is a good thing, and real estate is generally a good investment.

    If you don't know how to do something but you'd like to, google is a beautiful thing. Then go for it!

    Use up the supplies you have before you buy a bunch more.

    Send people surprise packages and notes (especially your mom and grandmas).

    Observe how people show you that they love you, and then reciprocate in the same way. They are most likely telling you the exact way they'd like to receive love. If he compliments you all the time, compliment him, etc.

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    just the other week, i was thinking, "i wish i knew some older women who would be candid enough to share some advice with me about what i should be doing in my 20s."

    i'm 25, but i have a few tips for women of all ages:

    - do regular breast exams. this is easy to forget, but it's so important.

    - drink water! it's good for your complexion and your body.

    - be grateful for what you have, and express your gratitude to the people in your life who love you spontaneously and often. i love yardenxanthe's comment about reciprocating love the way people love you. i'm going to make a conscious effort to do that, starting today.

    - think before you speak, especially if you're angry.

    - i echo the comments about keeping a journal (i've been keeping one since sixth grade and it's invaluable), continuing your education by taking classes, attending lectures, reading, asking questions about the world and engaging people in meaningful conversations, etc. and traveling.

    - one thing i'm going to start soon is making recorded interviews with my relatives. i was inspired by i think this kind of thing would be invaluable for knowing my family history in the future, both for me and my children.

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    this is all such amazing and inspiring advice.

    i don't have anything to add other than that after reading this thread I took the night cream advice(really, the easiest to get started on right away) and literally the NEXT DAY my s.o. told me how great I looked, and the next weekend one of my oldest friends said "Your skin looks so pretty!".

    (l'occitane shea butter cream in the little jar if anyone wonders)

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    yardenxanthe you are a genius, everything you said was very powerful and true.

    This thread shows that you are all crafty AND damn smart.

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    Don't put yourself or your family down to acquaintances or coworkers.

    I work with a bunch of women who are always hating on their body, their kids or their lives. Not only is it godawful depressing to listen to, but I can't believe it's making any positive difference in their lives. If that's really how you feel, take small, incremental steps towards change, don't dissipate that energy in bitching.

    As you get older, don't hate on women who are younger and cuter than yourself solely because they're younger and cuter. You will sound bitter and nasty and attract bitter and nasty people.

    Toni Weschel's "Taking Charge of Your Fertility has all kinds of wonderful information about how the female reproductive system works. It's mostly aimed at women trying to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, but I think every girl and woman should read it.

    No job is worth screwing yourself or your family over for.

    Most people have some drama and baggage in their teens and twenties. Try very very hard to drop the majority of that by the time you're thirty.

    Seek out people you admire and can learn from.

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    - start therapy, it's never too early and it helps immensely;

    - don't be afraid to look beautiful, feminine, even sexy (even if you're feminist);

    - be kind and sisterly to women;

    - trust your future: the best is yet to come, don't be afraid;

    - laugh and be silly whenever you can (my specialty);

    - dance;

    - learn something new every year (new craft, driving a motorcycle, travelling on your own, etc...

    that's it for now. paola (34 years old, and still learning)

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    First, I'd like to give some advice on traveling.

    Get a passport as soon as you can you never know when an opportunity will arise.
    Second, as a student there are plenty of chances to study abroad. Do it! Get an International Student Identification card and take advantage of discounted airfare, train passes, and tourist attractions. You can get international insurance as well. If you have AAA get your travelers checks from there. It's free. Once you have an American Express travelers chech or card you can use their office as a mailing address. Use your ATM if you don't have an international charge. Most countries (outside USA) don't charge a fee to use an ATM and you get a better exchange rate.

    I've been to Japan, several countries in Europe, and Egypt. When traveling remember, you are the foreigner. Watch to see how things are done and why. Baksheesh my seem annoying but it is the way the economy in some countries runs, distibuting out the wealth. Not everything done in your own country is the best way to do things. Europe has washers and dryers in one, as well as microwaves and toaster ovens together. The street toilets are the cleanest you will ever have because as soon as you leave it sanitises everything. Other countries have an on demand water heat so you never run out.

    Other advice.

    Buy sexy underware. If you feel sexy on the inside you will eventually feel sexy on the outside. Revel in the changes of your body. There are as many tastes as there are people. Not everone wants what our magazines describe as sexy. If you are kind to your body it will be kind to you.

    Usually you can find something beautiful about everyone. If you find something about someone beautiful, say it. Don't worry about making yourself a fool, the fool brings smiles to others.

    Enjoy life. You may only have one. Take chances. Do the absurd. If you live a long life, you will want something to talk about when you are old (and maybe while you are still young).

    "Life's a banquette and most poor suckers are starving to death." - Auntie Mame.

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    Here are a few pointers from a 51 year old who wishes she had a brain when she was younger:

    Definitely use moisturizer morning and night, with sunscreen is even better. You'll look younger longer.

    Floss and brush. Keep those teeth in shape.

    Always have some savings set aside for emergencies.

    Wait for the second or third meeting before deciding that you dislike someone. Your first thoughts of "Geeze, what a crab." may be the result of her wearing tight shoes.

    Be comfortable being alone. You don't need anyone else to make you happy.

    Get a creative hobby. You can do anything if you can read directions.

    Speaking of reading. Read, read, read. Anything, even trashy novels.

    You need friends more than you need a husband. Trust me on this. It's very painful to figure this out for yourself after your husband divorces you and you have no friends.

    Get a pet. Cat or dog, doesn't matter. Keep up with its shots and make it a family member.

    Don't settle for a typical woman's career choice because it's easy. If you love astrophysics, go for it.

    Don't play dumb if you're smart. Never be ashamed of being intelligent.

    Get overeducated. Better to have too many degrees than not enough.

    Sorry, I got carried away...

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