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    shoes that should be illegal

    maybe it's living in a college town, but i feel like i'm constantly surrounded by sadly misinformed fashion choices. it's like living on the set of a VH1 show, but two years ago. women actually wear two big colorful belts. at once. over a peasant skirt.

    the worst are the shoes, though. granted, i wear Chacos every day in the summer and tennis shoes all winter, so you have to take my opinion with a grain of salt, but come on. it's 40 degrees and raining. why are people wearing miniskirts and Uggs? these are my current least favorite footwear choices:

    -furry, lace-up mukluks. you know what i'm talking about. they're like Uggs, but somehow even worse. i don't care if they're comfortable. my Pumas are comfortable, and they don't make me look like i skinned a Yeti and made its legs into shoes. and why do people then top it off by trying to jam their jeans into the top, so that they have 6 inches of bunched-up denim around their knees and THEN a hideous shoe?

    -flip-flops with socks. and i'm not talking about tabi socks, i'm talking about jamming your toes into flip-flops while wearing white cotton athletic socks. just because K.Fed. does it doesn't mean you should. actually, it means NOBODY should.

    -flip-flops on men. if you're over 12, and you're not at the beach, i don't want to see your gnarly-ass toenails or hairy feet.

    anything else? if you think hairy mukluks rule, could you explain to me what i'm missing?

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    You wanna see some ugly shoes? Go to They have a whole list of ugly shoes.

    Uggs are disgusting. Mukluks? I didn't like them the first time around. And unless a man has well-manicured feet, he shouldn't wear open-toed shoes, even to the beach.

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    Okay not quite bad shoes, but total lapse of shoe related judgment: 1) tucking jeans *into* cowboy boots and 2)wearing prissy socks with dress shoes rank as my top peeves.

    As for uggs, why would anyone want to wear something that makes her calves intentionally swallow her ankles? I've just never woken up in the morning and said "Hmm. I don't think my ankles look fat enough."

    I will admit to being a bit of a docs junky, but know better than to wear negative heels with skirts or shorts.

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    UGH....UGGS!!! Those things are hideaous!! LOL!
    Not that my boot of choice is all that great (10+ yr old Timberlands), but at least they keep me upright on icy surfaces!!
    I haven't had the time to shop for cute yet practical boots for dressing up in. IS there such a thing?? Probably not...there never was. Everything I see is either much too delicate, too old ladyish, or too slippery....or much too ugly to wear with anything, in my opinion. I don't understand why it's so difficult to make a cute, stylish boot that actually has decent traction!!
    Don't even get me started on skirt lengths and boot heights.

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    I don't have a problem with how shoes look so much as what they do to one's feet. I think any shoe that has the potential to hobble a person permanently should be illegal. I look at some of the shoes people wear to walk around in-- sometimes for long distances-- and just shake my head. . .

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    I remember last summer I saw a girl at the mall wearing teeny terrycloth shorts and UGGS. If you're really that cold in JULY maybe you should try something like, say, pants?

    I really don't understand why anyone would tuck their jeans into any kind of boot. It just seems like it would be wildly uncomfortable. That's what they make boot-cut jeans for, isn't it? So you don't have to do things like that?

    (ps - thanks for taking the heat off the guachos, stella! ( ; hehe)[/list]

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    It is currently 2 degrees farenheit where I am, and Uggs are looking really good to me right now, just because they look nice and warm. But it occurs to me that it's probably a big illusion: after all, starlets wear them in Southern California in the summer. So my question is, are Uggs actually warm? Because I could forgive some of the hideousness if they at least kept your feet toasty. I don't have any problem with ugly, functional shoes.

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    Uggs are a shoe I wish would go away. If you don't live in a cold climate you should not be wearing these. I live in Orange County California and I see sufer chicks wearing these things just walking their boards to the beach. JUST NO. And can you imagine what these things smell like?

    As for tucking your pants into your boots I grew up in a rural area and folks did this out of neccasscity not to make a fashon statement. Although a lot of the fat ankle comments go right in hand with making sure your jeans are tucked in so you don't get that look. If you are wearing a beautifullly tooled boot then you are going to want to show that off. Course this is coming from a gal that knows what REAL boots are and all the amazing work involved in handcrafting them.

    Pointy toed shoes, especially the ones with the exaggerated points. They never looked good ever on anyone, just like gauchos.

    Socks and sandals, everyone knows this is bad, bad, bad.

    Raggedy flip flops! If you are going to wear the most casual of casual shoes out and about please make sure they look decent or at least upgrade from using your shower shoes. Along with that please wash your feet and smear on a bit of lotion while you are at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chromegrrrl
    Okay not quite bad shoes, but total lapse of shoe related judgment: 1) tucking jeans *into* cowboy boots
    That's very popular over here, though not with cowboy boots, just any boots. A lot of people look like they're off to the stable.

    Though maybe I'm just jealous, if I tuck my pants into my boots I look like I'm 8 years old.

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    Everyone here wears sandals...but it's Florida, we're kinda used to it. People wear sandals even when it's cold out! The one thing I can't stand seeing is people who go to class (I'm in college) in stiletto heels. How is that humanly possible?

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