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Thread: sewing a zipper

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    sewing a zipper

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could help me understand how to put in a zipper. I'm making covers for some old (ugly) 26" floor pillows and I'd like a zipper so I can take them off and wash them. But I don't know how to get the zipper in---the one I have didn't come with instructions. :( I'm a pretty novice seamstress (obviously!), and I'm still pretty much clueless about the basic sewing terms. The top cover is patchwork, denim and other random fabrics that I've been hoarding for years. And the back is just plain chambray. I don't know if that will affect how the zipper goes in or not. Sigh...

    I anybody can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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    Little Rhody
    Okay, so this tutorial is actually for a mini duffle bag, but use the part of the directions for putting in a zipper:

    (Basically sew one seam, pin closed zipper down on the seam, sew zipper from reverse side, then pull out the thread from the original seam. Then sew the other sides, and turn inside out...)

    Good luck!

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    Nothing to add as sewing stars answered it thoroughly.

    However, if the zipper is still too daunting, you can always sew a strip of velco down one side of the pillow. Or you can also use heavy snaps or decorative buttons.

    Just wanted to list alternatives.


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    Or eylets and lace it up,or the fold over method; The back peices overlap one another where you can pull the pillow form out.

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    Thanks for the help! The tutorial was great--although I may chicken out and do the fold-over instead.


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