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    WA State

    would anyone be interested in sharing band recommendations?

    I am addicted to my Yahoo! Music Engine and love to get recommendations from people about bands they like :) Maybe we could all share like 5 cool bands each week [Monday?]

    That would be nifty.

    Here are my 5 for this week:

    Trespassers William
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Casey Stratton
    Dressy Bessy
    Joshua Radin

    Let me know what you think if you listen to any :)


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    milan, italy
    I am in LOVE with one band, lately, and cannot listen to anything else They're called GOGOL BORDELLO and their genre is gipsy punk. They are awesome.

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    black rebel motorcycle club is good.

    haven't heard of any of the other bands though.

    as for me... i'm madly in love with:

    Sufjan Stevens
    Ben Kweller
    Fiona Apple's new CD
    Panic! At The Disco

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    My favorite bands on Sirius' Left of Center right now:
    The Joggers
    The Lashes
    Of Montreal
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    Bloc Party
    Sun Kil Moon
    Broken Social Scene
    The Magic Numbers

    And I just bought the new Neko Case yesterday :)

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    I've been really enjoying Jenny Lewis's solo album.

    That's really the only new-ish thing I've got right now since I'm feeling the strain of my student budget.

    Other things that are on heavy rotation in my iTunes library are:
    Regina Spektor
    Le Tigre (as always)
    Bright Eyes

    I've also recently discovered, via playing around on the internet, a delightful singer-songwriter from Sweden called Hello Saferide. Of course her album is not yet available here in the States, but she does have a few songs available on MySpace.

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    i don't listen to a lot of new music, and i've been feeling especially annoyed with the whole hipster indie pop scene lately. the kids these days, man... i don't even like to go to shows anymore because everyone just folds their arms and nods rhythmically. or, worse, sits cross-legged on the floor. i guess dancing is uncool now or something. makes me miss my hardcore punk days. kind of.

    so i've been listening to:

    the Talking Heads
    Aesop Rock
    anything involving Dan the Automator
    Miles Davis
    Keith Jarrett

    i *highly* recommend Keith Jarrett. he does incredible long solo improvisations on the piano. The Koln Concert is a good one to start with. it's transcendental.

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    i LOVE automator, too. he makes the best party music around. i probably listened to "hows your girl?" and "bombay the hard way" for years without getting sick of it. thats seriously rare with me.

    as for everything else, im completely out of the cool loop, so im going to duck out now.

    -- eli

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    Outside of Boston, MA, USA

    Lets talk music. Let all the Children Boogie.

    Some really beautiful music that is really different(I can't even put this music in a catagory but I saw them in concert in a Opera Theater in Boston and it was amazing- I cried. The lead singers voice is increadible almost nothing like it out there): Sigur Rós

    I suggest these if anyone likes electronic music(not techno dance or anything) though I think you should listen to them anyways if you have an open mind:

    Aphex Twin (a variety of different types of song- heavy, beautiful, freaky scary, anything really...if your looking for something specific ask about song titles- its worth it)

    Boards of Canada (relaxing, ambient for the most part...I suggest the EP In a Beautiful place in the Country)

    Crazy, really really out there, and very well composed music by a man I like to call a god (Mike Patton, was lead singer of Faith No More, this music is very different) . You really need to be open minded to listen to this music. Give it a couple of trys. It takes time to register :

    Mr. Bungle (I don't know what to say-real fun)
    Fantamos (heavy music- metal)

    Umm so much more. I listen to alot of different types of music if anyone is looking for a certain catagory (people seem to stick to a couple of catagories) ask. or if you just want to talk music suggestions- please do.

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    i third SPOON. i love spoon.

    and i also love:

    *ted leo & the pharmacists - poppy punk with a (left) political edge that makes you want to get up and DANCE
    *joseph arthur - singer-songwriter unlike any other
    *neko case - "alt" country/pop queen with one of the best voices in music; can't wait to get her new cd!
    *HEM - lush, sophisticated americana/country and folk music with another great voice from sally ellyson

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    athens, ga

    fav bands

    my favs lately =

    the monkees

    april march

    joanna newsom

    belle and sebastian

    architecture in helsinki

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