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Thread: my poor dog

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    my poor dog

    my dog is fifteen, and she is in good health except for her arthritic hips. i have never gone through this before, and i don't know what to do! it has gotten so much worse just in the last few days. she has an extremely difficult time walking. she is on medication to relieve her arthritis, but that is all that can be done, and it doesn't seem to be working. is it just inevitable that she will have to be put down soon? i am hoping the warmer weather will have a positive effect on her soon.

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    I'm so sorry! It has to just be heartbreaking not to be able to help her.

    Would she like sleeping on a heating pad? Might make her feel less stiff.

    (caution: Sarah knows just enough about dogs to keep her 1 year old Beagle alive - I have no idea if heating pads are actually good for dogs)

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    i'm sorry... :(

    i would definitely talk to the vet. if she/he is good she/he can give you a better sense of things.

    my father's dog is older and gets stiff hips. they give her a half an aspirin a day - but seeing how your dog is already on meds that probably isn't helpful.

    sorry again and good luck

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    a regular heating pad from the drugstore won't be great. they're small and have an automatic shutoff, so they only stay warm for an hour. however, you can buy heated dog beds that might help.

    where does she sleep now? if she tends to sleep on the floor, consider buying her an egg-crate foam bed. i know some dogs just won't sleep on beds, but it would help keep her from getting as stiff.

    do you let her jump up and down off of high surfaces (bed, car, couch, etc)? you may want to lift her in and out of the car now, or get a ramp. jumping up and down is hard on their joints.

    are you giving her Cosequin or some other glucosamine and chondroitin supplement? if not, try one. they can really help.

    if you're doing everything you can and she's still in constant pain, you may have to consider putting her down. i know it sucks, but being in constant, unrelievable pain is no way to live. you didn't mention what breed your dog is; no matter what breed she is, she's elderly, but for some breeds, she is downright ancient. the way i think about it is that animals deserve the same quality of life we do. when our family dog was old and decrepit and deaf, but still happy, we kept him going. but when he had a stroke and couldn't stand or walk and was terrified all the time, the kind thing to do was to have him euthanized.

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    My dog lived to be 17 and got pretty bad arthritis toward the end. It would come and go for a while, one day she'd be so slow, then five minutes later she'd be bouncing around again. The reason we had to get her euthanized was because she became SO confused all the time, bumping into things and falling.

    I think the vet will give you a more accurate opinion on how bad it actually is and what else you can do to help her out - like a heated bed.

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    I own cats but my sis is a devoted dog owner and gets her arthritic pooch accupuncture. She swears it helps him.

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    I have had 2 dogs with arthritis. Rimadyl is a lifesaving medication. If you don't have your dog on it already, you should talk to your vet about it. Seriously, it turned both my hobbly dogs into pups again. I have to contain my boy now to make sure he doesn't overexert himself when he's on it.

    It's pricey though. We pay 1.00/pill :(

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    My mother's doberman has arthritis, it had started getting pretty bad, but the vet told her to start giving her chondroiton. The pills are sort of big and my mom has a hard time getting Heidi to take them, but when we dog sit I shove them into a chunk of hot dog and she has no idea she's taking them. A friend of mine gave her dog asprin for her arthritis the same way.


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