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    One More Wedding!

    It's sorta like quittin' a job.....

    My last official Sundance Entertainment wedding is this Saturday. Then I am done providing DJ services for weddings, except for helping out friends and relatives (even that is not a good idea!) and maybe a few exceptions for unique weddings.

    I originally stopped booking for 2004 weddings last August when it was a strong possibility we would be moving to Miami. When November hit, I was exhausted from doing weddings every single weekend and travelling all over Indiana and Michigan. It's been hard turning away business, as I get calls and emails every day from brides and grooms (Today, I had 5 calls before noon and as many emails!). I could use the money, but I must stick with my plan for moving on....

    What am I moving on to? I've been developing an interactive entertainment show for preschool and elementary children and their families. I've been studying Improv for the last year and I want to incorporate that style with music and themes to create a one-of-a-kind show. Oh yeah, and throw in some educational bits so the kids learn something and the schools are willing to pay a little more than your average jukebox sock hop DJ! *wink*

    This is totally different for me compared to weddings, because my niche with weddings was that I was that I provided totally elegant (non-cheesy!) DJ services. I attracted brides and grooms who were scared of having a DJ doing interactive "crap" or say stupid stuff on the microphone.

    My new direction will also allow me to have most weekends free to do trunk and arts/crafts shows. I cannot tell you how painful it was last year to be draggin' my SUV full of speakers, music and CD players out of town to a wedding and pass signs for a big art show! Now I can go! :) I also thought about offering my entertainment show for the shows that have children's activity tents. Give me a way to perhaps sneak past jury requirements someday. LOL

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    bravo! good for you!


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