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    I buy mine on or from other students.
    And only on from buyers who aren't selling the "international" editions, because I personally hate paperback textbooks and I hate b/w photos when they're supposed to be in color.

    The bookstore probably won't take it. They only want back the same book they are selling. Especially because technically the international books are not supposed to be sold here at all. It's illegal to sell them here, and probably illegal to buy them as well.

    I had a seller mislist thier books as non-international ones, but the one I got was paperback and says clearly on it "Not for Sale In North America"
    When I emailed to ask them why it was different, they closed thier account.

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    I've never had an international edition with black and white pictures. & I did 4 years of school in Europe, so I used a lot of international edition books! & yes, I did buy some of them from, because even new versions there were cheaper than in the bookstores. So you don't always have to worry about that. & actually only one of my books was softcover when the US edition was hardcover. So just be sure to check on that before you buy it if you really want hardcover. If you ask sellers about things like that before you buy, they'll most likely tell the exact condition of the book, because they don't want bad feedback.
    I also looked up the legality of buying or selling them, and it appears that neither are illegal. Here's a long, boring legal analysis:
    But I agree, you probably won't be able to sell them back to your bookstore. But of course you'll be able to re-sell them on amazon or half at the end of the term, and might not lose any money at all if a new edition hasn't come out.
    Expensive textbooks are just one more barrier in the US that keeps everyone from having access to education, regardless of economic status. So I think it's a bit of a protest to buy used books or international editions from places other than the school bookstores. A crappy, mostly useless protest, but a bit of one anyhow!

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    My university has a co-operative book store run by students that sells books, school supplies, even snacks and condoms at cost. Several professors order their books through the co-op bookstore to save their students some $ (usually about 30$ of the marked price), and the bookstore will also order books for you for other courses. On special orders you save roughly 10-15%.

    It's a great idea. I buy most of my stuff there, and volunteer there sometimes.

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    I have always dreamed of going to medical college and for that I had to buy a lot of medical literature and books to study. I bought them in simple bookstores, where they sell books at a discount when many people buy at once.

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