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    surprise wedding shower

    my co-worker is getting married soon, and i am in charge of the theme/crafts/decorations/favors (they couldn't just let me bake cupcakes, right?). anyway, i am thinking of doing a beach theme since she's getting married at the shore and going to the carribbean for her honeymoon.

    any suggestions on decorations and party favors? this was dumped on me at the last minute so i haven't been able to brainstrom yet. :(

    thanks in advance!

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    that can be super easy! i don't know how much you want to go with this, but here are my ideas:

    1. get the little umbrellas for drinks
    2. buy some sand to put on the food table. now some may feel that this is unsanitary, but don't eat stuff that got dropped in the sand! everything should be on platters anyway. i've done it before and it looks cool. you can even make a little "fence" around the table so the sand doesn't get pushed off onto the floor.
    3. i saw crafts on there... wouldn't it be cool for people to make post cards, "wish you were here" sort of stuff? then she can send those from her honeymoon if she'd like.
    4. if you don't like the sand thing, you could use oversized beach towels as tablecloths.


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