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    Things that make you feel happy

    I want to whine. I want to cry. I want to stomp my foot. Since none of that stuff will help me feel better I thought it would be way more fun to talk about happiness. What are some things serious or silly that make you happy just to see, feel, taste, touch, hear, remember, or imagine?

    Mine are: Really fat fuzzy bumble bees, baby laughs, wrinkly puppies. (Cheesy? Yes.)

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    Good TV and a bowl of popcorn
    Kool and the Gang *hangs head in shame*
    Old school Dee-Lite (how do you saaaay....delicious?)
    Making crazy faces in the mirror
    a Tom Collins in the afternoon
    A clean house
    Orange sherbet push-up pops
    Fresh cut flowers
    Calling up an old friend
    Going to the movies by myself
    Swinging at a playground
    Taking my dog to the park
    Dancing to Donna Summer in my panties

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    the baby kittens and their mom i am fostering. hearing them squeak, watching them grow daily. my cats, maisie and ghost. knitting in the evening with the tv in the background with the cats surrounding me. yoga. going to the library. knit nite. taking a long hot bath. being at an indigo girls concert. walking dogs at the shelter. going walking down at the river. swimming. calling my friends in england...listening to their accents. taking in some art, whether it be music, painting or ceramics. going to ceramics class. catching a really good old movie on tv. a good mystery.

    i could go on but i won't. :)

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    the get up kids, fabric, watching Amelie, corn on the cob off the grill, soft, thick grass between my toes, holding small babies, coleslaw, dancing to my awesome playlist on my ipod in my room, the crayola aisle at target, looking at old pictures.

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    The sight of the back of a baby's head ( for some reason I find this extremely cute)

    The sight of a lone llama lying in a field surrounded by a bunch of sheep lying with it, (I actually saw this coming back from school the other day it was so cute I wished desperately for a camera)

    the feeling you get when you go a concert of a band you were CRAZY for as a teenager and seeing women you have never met before scream and bounce and grin as manically as you , that kinship is so fun

    when your favorite author has a new book come out and you run and buy it and feel the newness of the pages and take deep breaths of that new book smell ( I hope others actually do this haha)

    driving somewhere just because you have to and a song you havenít heard in forever but love love LOVE comes on and you can just belt it out along with the radio

    getting mail that is actual correspondence, and not just bills or junk

    a nice cool summer rain when it has been steamy hot

    fresh hot pretzels ( I could write pages about food hehe)

    finding something to wear that is slightly impractical ( a hat, cowboy boots, velvet jacket etc) in a thrift store for an unbelievably low price that fits you perfectly ( this is orgasmic when it happens in my opinion)

    edited so I can pretend that I can spell

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    OMGosh! I am reading these replies and just grinning like a fool-- I really needed a happy boost so badly and you are all so wonderful.

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    Mine are kind of weird, just like me.
    Holding my granddaughter.
    Feeding my pet tarantulas--they really are such beautiful, wonderful creatures, I just adore them!
    Reading a really good book.
    Popcorn and a great old movie.
    Remembering being at the Metropolitan Opera last fall.
    Baking cookies.

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    My sons
    Pretty much any kid from NB to about age 6
    Watching young kittens or puppies trip over their own feet and each other, and then suddenly poop out for a little snooze
    Abbott's frozen custard-it's a summertime tradition here. MMMMM!
    Cheesecake w/ fresh strawberries on top
    My cozy fleece blankets
    Taking walks in parks or pretty neighborhoods w/ interesting homes-especially if I've got someone else along to chat with
    Finally feeling healthy and energetic enough to play outside w/ my boys
    Finishing a project, especially if it turns out exactly how I wanted it to
    Doing a project for a friend and having her be happy and excited about it, and thinking I have the most amazing sewing skills since Betsy Ross
    I'll second the swings! Wheeeeee!
    My son's razor scooter, my bike, skates. Wheeeee!! (again!) I'm just a 41 yr. old kid.:D


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