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    I absolutely love eggs, and I can't imagine them getting better! I wonder if there are any farmers I can go hit up for some fresh eggs.

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    but letting the coyotes have the old chickens may encourage the coyotes to come closer to your home then is prudent.

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    i thought about that, but if we have chickens and goats, the coyotes will be around regardless of whether the chickens are loose or not. at least, this is true for our future neighbors, though their dogs protect their goats.
    i had a few chickens once before (that were left behind by the cabin's previous inhabitants) and it took only a few weeks for something to kill them off. possibly a bobcat, possibly a coyote.

    anyhow, my husband eats chicken, so he may very well do the killing and eating, though i'm going to have a hard time with the whole process. some farmer, huh?

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