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    Cell phone plans

    We're looking to get a cell phone for me and one for my husband for the car. Right now only I have one and I never use it. It's a plan thru my mom's work and my husband thinks it's weird for my folks to be paying my monthly phone fee (plus he doesn't have one, which we don't like).

    So, we're really only looking to have phones for emergencies but want something that has good coverage in our area. I've been focusing on Cingular and Trac phone. I'd like to go with something like Trac phone where you just pay for minutes you use and don't have a monthly fee but I wonder about coverage and service.

    Do you have a phone for just occasional use/emergencies and what do you recommend?? Thanks - Jen

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    I recommed Virgin pay-as-you-go. I think they're the best around as far as PAYG goes. You can buy your phone at Best Buy or online, and there are different rates based on how many minutes you use each month.

    My husband has been on Virgin for years now and has no complaints. I have other friends that are satisfied with their service as well. The reason we first got it was because he wasn't going to use it enough to justify a hefty monthly fee. It was mainly for the car, etc. Whenever we're together, we just use mine (which my company pays for).

    Good luck ---

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    I also recommend Virgin. My husband and I had Cingular and used about 8 minutes a month total but were paying 80 bucks for a simple plan. You have to buy new phones, but you can super cheap ones or nice picture phone ones (ours were 39.95 and 49.95). Then you just use a credit card or a "top up card" (which you can get at the check out aisle at Target or even put on your Amazon wish list!) and you have to top up every three months. The minimum amount to "top up" is 20 bucks. So now, instead of 80 bucks a month we pay less than 14 dollars a month. I have never had trouble running out of minutes and they roll over if you top up before the deadline. Also - if two of you are signing up have the person who will use theirs more sign up first and "refer" the other person, you'll get 20 bucks extra on your phone :)


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