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    Powerbook woes & question about software

    I purchased a PowerBook g4 laptop a couple of years ago (first generation) and it has proven to be a bad apple (was gonna say lemon, but this fit better!). I barely used it the first 1.5 years and as soon as I start working with it more than my PC and buy expensive software for it, it falls apart.

    The keys fall off (missing my 'O' key) and just days after the $500 extended care warranty ends, it does what many of this generatoin of G4 have done and cracks its hinges so now the LCD screen is flappin' in the wind. $1600 to fix because of the way Apple designed it (the newest generation have better hinges and design...figures).

    $1600!!!!! I may as well get a new computer, and so I did. I wanted to stick with mac, but I cannot afford to buy another G4 and have something happen to it again. At the same time, I just purchased Adobe's CreativeSuite for $1000 for it and now I am stuck with it because my new computer is a PC again. I've barely had a chance to use it, but unfortunately I already registered it. Do I have hope of selling it? Or is it illegal to resell software? It just seems so unfair. Same with MS Office for Mac. Bought and now I cannot use it.

    In the meantime, I am dying without my Photoshop because I already reformated the old PC I used it on when I had it installed from an old job.

    I just had to rant. My husband is anti-mac for no reason and he doesn't care about my sorrows except to make me feel guilty about wasting my money on these mac and related software purchases.

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    Re: Powerbook woes & question about software

    Quote Originally Posted by PamTheQueen
    I just purchased Adobe's CreativeSuite for $1000 for it and now I am stuck with it because my new computer is a PC again.
    Call Adobe customer service at 1-800-833-6687 and ask about exchanging the Mac version for Windows. (Have all your registration info in front of you.) Then do the same with Microsoft -- can't hurt to try.

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    Oh I'm so sorry to hear that! I just switched from a PC to an iMac. It took a while to get used to! But i'm really loving it now ;-)
    There has to be some way you can still sell it...But I feel for you!

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    It's totally legal to resell your software and you can transfer the license to someone else even though you've already registered it. See this doc on Adobe's website:
    Note - for the collection you have to transfer the whole collection, you couldn't sell the apps individually. They're on the same CDs anyway though.


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