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    would you let a KID cut your hair?

    There's this "performance art" project going on in toronto where 10-12 year olds get to cut adult hair. it's supposed to be an exercise in trust. i love it. when i read about it, i laughed out loud. i hope they post a before and after photo gallery somewhere!

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    I would totally do this - It's just hair, it grows back, and hey, if it ends up to bad, that's what hats are for. :-)

    Of course, I already have a rather laid-back attitude toward my "Crowning glory" and frequently take the scissors to it myself. :-)

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    i would do it. i think that sounds really cool.

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    That sounds pretty interesting! But I don't know if I'd trust my 11 yr old to cut my hair! He's not terribly neat or precise when it comes to handling impliments, and doesn't much care to try. *rolls eyes*
    BUT...if it were something to raise money for a charity I'd consider it anyway. It IS only hair, and I'd have no problem even if I came out of it bald.

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    I live in Toronto and I was met someone who's working on that. I *so* would have done it except that it's attached to the milk festival and I'm vegan. The kids were getting some training, I think the haircuts would be ok. :) It's a rockin' idea!


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