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Thread: Intro <3

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    Intro <3


    I joined yesterday and have put a few things out there but i just wanted to give myself a formal introduction.
    I'm 21 and live in Orlando, FL. I craft as often as possible and am attempting full time school and job. I looooove painting but i'm not too good, knitting and cooking are also addictions.
    I compulsively collect odd salt and pepper shakers and souvineer ash trays. This site is so awesome i haven't been able to tear myself away. Thank you!


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    hi joy! welcome here. when i saw your screen name i immediately thought "spam" because it was so unpronounceable. we have been getting a lot of spam posts in recent months. only when i read your salt and pepper thread did i come back to see what this one was about! and now i know that your screen name is your name backwards! i'm so smart! ;)

    anyway, welcome to getcrafty! i too think this place is awesome.

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    Hi Joy! Welcome!

    I too must confess that at first I thought your post may be spam because of your choice of screen name. I'm so glad it's not! :-) When I read your intro I was so in the mindset of spam that I was thinking "wow, that's a new angle, an introduction before she hits us with the spam". :-) Like smachel said, unfortunately we get a lot of spam.

    I know how you feel not being able to tear yourself away from here - it's quite addictive! So anyway, I have some questions for you if you don't mind my curiosity. What are you studying? What work do you do? And, most importantly, what do you most like to cook??

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    I love the salt and pepper shaker collection idea!!!


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