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    I have terrible problems, so they want to see me every three months! That doesn't always happen though. I just went last Friday for the first time in a while since my job status was pretty shaky for the second half of last year. They've always tried to make you comfortable because they specialize in people who haven't been in a decade or something or who have other problems. They'd give you blankets because it was usually cold and were very friendly and gentle.

    But now they've turned the place into a dental spa! They have cucumber water in the waiting room, and when you go back, they'll give you headphones with a selection of CDs, they have those heating massager pads in the chairs, they'll give you hot or cold gel eye masks, and when it's over, she gives you a hot scented wet towel for your face. It's neat!

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    man, i want to go to a "dental spa".

    my dentist recently put in tv's at each patient station and I hate it. I don't want tv in my face all the time, and it distracts my hygenist! she'll sneak peeks at the screen while working on me. When there's a person with a sharp hook poking in my mouth, I'd really like them to be focused.

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    Same thing happened with my bf...he didn't go for TEN years...he was seriously freaked out...and it was NOTHING. He said it wasn't even bad.

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    Re: Deep root cleaning

    Quote Originally Posted by CraftyChicaAZ
    doesn't that sound awful? i have to get this done at the dentist (haven't had my teeth professionally cleaned since high school and am now paying the price). has anyone had this done? i'm scared!! it is over four different appts... :-(
    Are the four appointments for four different quadrants of your mouth?If so, I had something very similar when I was in college, only on a smaller scale. Only one part of my mouth was an issue, so that one part was done in one appointment.

    They used novacaine (which isn't actually novacaine, but that's another story) and it wasn't bad at all. The one startling bit was when they told me to spit and my spit was bloody. It really took me aback, but it was just psychological, I couldn't feel a thing.

    I remember being sore the next day, but not terribly so. No worse than after a really vigorous teeth-cleaning, I think your mouth is so clean that it heals quickly. I always dread these things, and my dread was completely out of proportion to the actual experience.

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    im scared of the dentist now because i shattered my front 4-5 teeth. they're still intact, just very likely to fall apart if they scrub them.

    i got a root canal, but the tooth still hurts.

    the only thing i like about my new dentist is they dont do the flouride mouthpiece anymore.

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