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    laser hair removal

    Has anyone tried laser hair removal? It's a little pricey, but I'm seriously considering it and wanted to get some feedback.

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    hair removal

    Hey there mololi,
    I had laser hair removal done a couple of years back when I became the editor of a cosmetic surgery site. I was tired of shaving my bikini line every weekend in order to hit the beach. It is pricey but totally worth it, it took me 4 treatments to complete the process and took some time for the hair slow growing, I think about a month in my case. It was totally worth the money. I hope this helps with your decision.

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    I've had it down. I'm on my 4th treatment and I think I have at least 90% less regrowth. It's amazing. It works best on people with light skin and dark hair. Make sure you ask around and go to a good place, not just the cheapest one.

    If you have more specific questions I can try answer them.

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    I read somewhere that it can darken some people's skin - I'm not sure how correct this is. I'd like to have it done but I'm worried about the idea of dark and light patches on my face. I have visions of a permanent "shadow" moustache and monobrow... :-)

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    My sister, sister in law and I have all had it done and we have had no darking of the skin. We all think that it has worked out just great. Good luck. Katie

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    I work for a surgeon who offers lazer hair removal -- occasionally he does a small test patch at a reduced fee for patients who would like to see if the treatment will work well with their particular skin & hair contrast, check for potential side effects, etc. Ask around, it may be an option.

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    Does it hurt?


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