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    i need clothing design ideas

    Hey all, Im pretty new to this and pretty darn desperate! Im a final year art student who has undertaken to make wearable art for my gradutaion show.
    Im trying to subvert the degrading objectification of the female body by making clothing that appears reasonably sexy / provocative but is actually quite menacing. (Eg. Sexy underwear made out of sanitary towels etc..)
    Latex underwear is also an option but not as subtle... Would really appreciate any input, Ta :)

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    I've always loved the look of the old bullet bras. A spiky rendition of one of those might fit the sexy/scary requirements.

    Good luck with your project!

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    It's not limited to underwear, is it?

    You could use so much crap to make a belt, you know. Everything from linked tampons to a chain to a rope to paper clips. Well, a fashion-belt, at least.

    I've always wanted to see shoelaces being creatively used in tee-shirts, but I'm not sure that's dangerous.

    You should do something with saran wrap to poke fun at the whole thing of wearing saran wrap to win a man.

    What a cool project!!

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    some sort of chainmaile underwear?

    If that's not in the right vein, a sleeveless vest made of razor blades in a chainmaile kind of look? I hope no one actually has to wear that though!


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    On my crafty to-do list, I have a t-shirt collage project. You cut out words/phrases/logos/pictures from one t-shirt and rearange them and sew them onto another t-shirt (or a skirt, pants, jacket, etc). I've seen them all over the place!

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    this isn't exactly clothing-related, but I saw something awesome online (hope to find a link for you) --- these cards that women handed out on the street to harassers or men who were aggressive.

    They were hot pink and had a sexy silhoutte of a woman on the front & said "Hey Guys! Want to get laid?"

    The back said "Then start respecting women! Nobody wants to get screamed at on the street! You'd get a lot more action if you didn't act like such an ass!" etc. etc.

    So, something like that that's overtly sexy but has a serious/feminist edge might work well as clothes too--maybe screenprint or iron on phrases like those to tie in with the menacing textures/ingredients?

    anyway, your project sounds very cool--good luck!



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