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    i've been seeing references to 'lomo' and links to lomography sites everywhere lately...are they just old cameras? why are they so special? i feel left out...

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    Lomo refers to a brand of camera, a Russian point and shoot camera, that has become very popular within artistic photography for it's quirky images- other similar cameras, like the Holga, or toy cameras, are also valued for the imperfections in the images. Basically, they're cool because they have little/no focusing control, so your images can be really sharp in some places, and fuzzy in others, or you can make double-exposures because they don't have automatic advancing systems. Some people alter their cameras; melting the plastic lenses to make them warped, taking out shielding so they get light leaks, or taking out the frames to get vingnetting (circular images). Lomo also makes a multiple exposure camera, with 4 lenses, so you can get 4 shots in a row, like an action shot.

    This site has a nice variety of cameras, and some examples of the kind of images toy cameras produce:

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    I'm a big fan of plastic cameras..! I have a few in my collection, two of which are Holga and Lomo. What's unique about the Lomo is the color it produces. It has something to do with its unique lens, which was developed by scientists for use by Russian austronauts back in the day.. But I love my Holga best. It's very tempermental but once you get to know it your creativity flourishes. It rocks. I tell every novice photographer I know to get a Holga (and every pro photographers I know own one..!).

    One downside is that it's best to use film that the Lomography Society sells on their site. Cheap ordinary film for these relatively cheap plastic cameras doesn't do it. I have to buy pretty expensive film from my local snobby film store to get the results I want, plus expensive development for the Holga's medium format (I also prefer to develop my Lomo prints in wallet sizes).

    From my first vacation with these cameras, I spent nearly $300 for development..!


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