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Thread: pet peeves

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    i'm back.

    my pet peeve is still don't sit on your butt and complain and not do anything about it. i'm a do-er, not a talker. you don't like something, adjust your attitude.

    also, i have come to the realization that i am too nice to people. so, i have become, now i am a bitch. damned if you do, damned if you don't. that is annoying, and has become a peeve for me - but i would rather protect myself than be trampled all the time.

    also - for the majority of my life, my personal relationships have been manipulated by people who i don't know, and that is annoying and a peeve. i don't know how to work around that, i hope i learn soon. it peeves me to no end.

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    Pet peeves o' mine:

    People (my neighbor specifically) whose pets get loose, and then they just stand there and watch them run roughshod over the neighborhood. I told her the last time I brought her dogs back (They always come to sniff my dog through the fence.) that I wasn't returning them next time and that I would call Animal Control.

    Ghetto Blasting car stereos. If we are at a stop light, and I can hear your music better than what's playing on *my* car stereo (with windows rolled up), you need to turn it down.

    People who hide their small vehicles in the very back of the parking space. My ancient jeep has issues with maneuvering (sp?) out of the remaining two feet of a parking space that I thought was open because you had to put your Civic at the very end of it.

    Drivers who are not grateful. I let you in, now wave.

    Text message abbreviations, especially when applied to non-text message formats. This specifically includes numbers/letters used as words.

    Any number of Netiquette rules broken: Toggle/all/no caps, improper punctuation, poor grammar, and incorrect spelling.

    People who don't <snip> the irrelevant portions of messages they are replying to. Goes extra for message lists where they reply to the whole "digest" format email.

    People who don't quote relevant portions of messages they are replying to. Goes extra for anything that is potentially archived, as thread conitinuity is not guaranteed for posterity.

    Blatant missspeaking, i.e "belligerent" to mean very inebriated, "repellent" instead of repugnant, and my personal anti-favorite, ValentiMe's day. Also, people who make up words but refuse to admit it. (My husband is terribly guilty of this. "Ovicular" does not mean oval shaped!)

    Singing the wrong lyrics, especially to classic songs. (My husband is not allowed to sing along with "Brandy" on the radio. His life his love and his lady are the SEA, dammit!)

    People who complain about having to stay up too late or are overwhelmed with a long to-do list because they didn't manage their time well and prioritize their tasks.

    Saying you can't do something just because you haven't done it before. Especially things with obvious directions, like instant pudding. (Heaven help me, I married the man.)

    People who believe the fact that I don't suit up and hit an office every morning means I'm not working (very hard, or at all.) If keeping house were an easy task, nobody would have maids. <LOGIC>

    Lazy people who say "The Lord will provide." He provided you with a head to think with and hands to work with. Isn't sloth a deadly sin? (I inherited this pet peeve from my Grandma. We're no nonsense women in my family.)

    People with nothing better to do than complain. And on that note, I have other things to do. ;-)


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