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    Year of the Pig - Lunar New Year

    This year I decided that we should have our work holiday party in February instead of Nov-Dec so that folks can go and do not have to juggle too many parties (since that was the complaint last year).
    I have to be budget minded and where $100 a head might seem like a lot of money (there are about 200 people) you have to consider that each person counts twice since we will include spouces.

    So I am thinking about doing a Lunar New Year themed party. Focusing more on the bigness and the redness of the holiday and less on the religion of it...

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has done this and if anyone has any ideas that might help me pull this off with out costing too much.
    (We have an office in Beijing that might be able to help me get stuff if I ask nice).

    The budget has to include at a minimum: location, parking, food & entertainment

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    I usually give a Chinese New Year party at my house. It's lots of fun, and as you said, it's a way to celebrate but it's outside of the usual crush of holiday parties, gift-giving, etc.

    Why not try to find a place that will do dim sum? That should be fairly economical and definitely festive. If you can find an asian imports store, you should be able to get decorations - paper lanterns, fans, paper umbrellas, etc. - inexpensively. My favorite store even gives away a jade figurine for each year's animal if you spend a certain amount of money. Also, there are certain foods that you should include for their symbolic qualities - i.e., noodles for longevity, oranges for wealth, etc. And also the traditional divided tray. I've got notes on this around here somewhere; I can find them if you want me to.

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    Anything you have would be great. There are a number of Chinese folks on my team, a few of whom will help, but I would like to have the rest be surprised. I am pretty lucky that I live in a place where there is a lot of Asain folks and markets.

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    I'd say ordering dim sum from a local restaruant (you can plan the menu with them) would be the best idea.

    All of these should help- they're links to info on party goods, tradtional foods and their meanings, and ideas on entertainment.

    Since you are in Seattle, why don't you find out if there is a kid's kung fu school or Chinese dance troupe that would be willing to perform for a donation? Or you could have someone throwing I Ching sticks and reading peoples' fortunes. For favors, you can give out red envelopes with 'Happy New Year' written on them; one of them could contain a gift certificate to a local Chinese restaurant.

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    The envelopes that don't have restaurant gift certificates could have redemption slips for cute Chinese crap sent over by the Beijing office. If it hasn't been bulldozed yet, just send them down to the Russian Market - tons of cheap crap without the tourist markup. I really like the idea of finding a kids group to perform - maybe contact a Chinese language school for some more leads?

    (I love the Russian Market!)


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