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Thread: Dinner Drama

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    Dinner Drama

    Anyone go through this kind of dinner drama? . . . this is funny

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    Every single night.

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    no, but i can relate to being one of those kids once upon a time! i was insanely picky and would only eat frozen pancakes, new england clam chowder, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with no jelly...

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    Every single day. My second oldest's favorite expression is "I hate what we're having for dinner" way before she even finds out what it is.

    The dinnerwich was a good idea, though. At least she ate!

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    This is the story incase you didn't see the website:

    I've got my oldest and my youngest still sitting at the table staring at their dinner. I'm so tired of fighting with at least one person at dinner. My youngest screamed about everything since she sat down.

    "I hate dinner!"
    "I don't wanna eat!"
    "I don't want that drink!"

    Over and over.
    Sliding down out of her seat.

    I'm counting "One, two . . ." She starts listening a little. Then back to square one.

    Ugh! My blood pressure is up and I feel all the pressure in my head. One day I'll either stroke or infarct and drop on the spot!

    Finally she convinces me to let her make a "dinner sandwich". I give her two pieces of bread and she puts her vegetables on the bread first, then asks for a piece of cheese, then some pepper to sprinkle on top, then adds the turkey and gravy and closes the sandwich and starts eating. It's probably not that awful tasting, but I liked my dinner just the way it was - not a sandwich. I made sure that she made this dinner sandwich all by herself, cuz God forbid that I would have made her sandwich wrong and then we'd be nowhere again. Well, she's actually eating it. Just about half is gone and I can't believe it.

    My older one won't eat his turkey and is a wanna-be vegetarian. I told him, "It's not like I made bugs for dinner. It's not that bad." My second oldest had seconds and gobbled up the rest of the turkey from the pan. My second youngest ate everything with a smile. How can it be so awful then for the oldest? He even asked if he could go to bed instead.

    My youngest was excused since she ate more than I would have of that dinnerwich, and I think I'm going to let the vegetarian off the hook.

    I am I the only one going through these kinds of dinners?


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