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    Jul 2005
    1. Waking up to the sounds of my son practicing his piano

    2. Petting my hound dog

    3. Watching my hound dog give the momma cat that's been hanging around here a slobber bath, and watching her put up with it.

    4. Making myself a cup of coffee

    5. Having a lunch date with friends to look forward to

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    * italian chocolate star cookies (milk-chocolate-covered graham crackers)

    * my boss came in today from maternity leave to visit with her 5-month old girl, so cute!

    * our entire office of 2000+ people, almost all hungover today from our company party last night...i feel we have bonded and it only happens once a year!

    * getting compliments all day on the dress i'm wearing

    * this:

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    * I had a really great night's sleep last night.
    * My Texas Brown tarantula molted during the night, and when I looked in on her this morning she looked gorgeous!
    * I found big bags of Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips on sale, two bags for $10. I bought four bags. Let the cookie-making commence!
    * I made a purse out of neckties, and it looks great, is just the right size, and I absolutely love it!
    * I'm going to stop on the way home for potatoes, and I'm looking forward to Spicy Potato Soup for dinner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erinina
    That was wonderful erinina...thanks for the link to make all of us smile!!!

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    Jul 2006
    Saskatchewan, Canada
    I've already posted but this made me happy today:

    I was sitting at my craft table puzzling over what to make next. My 3 year old son, Harley comes up to me and says "Mom, what's wrong?". I said, "Well, I don't know what to make" Harley thinks for a few minutes and says, "I know Mom, cookies!" Oh how I smiled. Set the crafting aside and went off to bake. It was a good day! -PHH

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    1. Payday!! woo hoo!!

    2. One of the guys from the shipping dept at my work saw me walking on the road and said 'Hey Blue Eyes! Where ya headed?' and it was very cute

    3. College-friend reunion tonight with margaritas

    4. Christmas songs on the radio

    5. Getting my period after a pregnancy scare .)

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    1) An unexpected box of chocolates in the mail at work.

    2) Talking to two people I haven't seen in a while.

    3) Playing with my dog who is always excited to see me when I come home.

    4) Finding out that the refrigerator is working again.

    5) Receiving a gift card to a restaurant that I never heard of before.

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    1. My tv, which has been acting up, seems to have stabilized for now.
    2. I turned in the first round of grades today! A few more in the morning, and I'm done!
    3. I had toooo much apple cider- but I live mulled cider, so it's a good thing.
    4. looking at
    5. Not having money, but using that as an excuse to craft, read the Iliad and the Odyssey for the class I'm teaching in the coming semester.

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    madison, wi
    This is great!

    1. Not having a set time to wake up this morning.
    2. Having my Kitten follow me around the house, purring after me, wanting to be close.
    3. The wiggling of the baby in my belly (8 months along now; 8 weeks to go!)
    4. Knitting all afternoon on the couch while watching DVDs with commentary.
    5. Hot apple cider. Yum.

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    1) Stash brand blueberry tea. I had some in Maine, and loved it so much I drank the B&B out of it! Oops. They got more blueberry tea, but it wasn't very good. I've tried several brands, but only liked Stash. I was overjoyed when I found it at a local supermarket, finally.

    2) Good friends who you can vent to, and who are willing to vent to you. It's nice to have a support network and be a part of someone's support network.

    3) Pretzels.

    4) Waking up with the sunlight. It's a joy I really cannot explain, even when it wakes me long before I "should" have gotten up based on how late I was up the night before.

    5) A nice smelling home. I'm pet-sitting right now for a friend, and I fall in love with her appartment every time I walk in. It smells like warm vanilla sugar. Now if I could just replicate that scent without plug in air fresheners!

    6) My friend's cat is so cuddly, and purrs as loudly as a kitten.

    7) The knowledge that the little $5 yoga book I picked up a year ago is no longer so intimidating. I'll be starting it tomorrow morning.

    8) Having my application to my PhD program in. It's a huge weight off my shoulders.

    9) Having already studied more for my upcoming comprehensive exams than I did the last time I took them, and still having about two weeks left. I'm exceptionally nervous, but doing better.

    10) This thread. I've been going through a rough spot recently, and I told myself last night that I would use today to think about the little things so I could post in this thread. It's nice to have forced myself a little more out of the dumps.

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