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    If you're unsure, just make sure you don't force yourself into anything. I was so pressured to do well in HS in order to get into college that I was burned out. So I was really unmotivated during college. Then I was forced to finish in 4 years. I should've taken time off to figure out what I wanted to do but instead I changed my major 3 times, graduated with a VERY low GPA, and I'm now having a hard time finding a job. Even though I'm interested in the degree I have, I'm not passionate about it, so I'm looking for jobs totally unrelated. I wish I could've taken a quarter or even a year off because I really didn't want to be in school or I at least should've gone to a community college first to save money.

    Now I'm at a job that I don't really like, it's where I worked part-time while in school. This place drained my love for photography. But anyway, my best advice is to explore, learn what you have a passion for, find your niche, and take your time. And also, know that it's okay to test out a lot of different things. I had parents breathing down my throat 24/7 and still do so I hope things will be easier for you.

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    I feel that having a career that you like is very important. Something that you have passion in. I believes that all sucessful people out there loves what they are doing and unsuccessful people don't. It might be tough sometimes but its worth fighting. I believes its very important to pursue your dreams and at the same time financially responsible.

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