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Thread: Hilary Clinton

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    I just went to the Tides Foundation Web site and found this:

    Soapandwater, maybe you should go back into your friend's email account and forward this to everyone to whom the original anti-THK email was sent!

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    Wait, so speaking five languages is a bad thing? Or is it only when a woman is fluent in five languages that it is impermissible?

    Personally, I like Teresa. I think her international upbringing is a strength and it seems somehow racist that the Right is criticizing her for being brought up in Africa. Am I really paranoid, or is there a tinge of racism in that criticism? Like if she lived in Africa she must have some sort of mixed-race backgound or something?

    I lived in Pittsburgh for four years and the Heinz foundation really improves the western PA area IMO. And Senator Heinz was actually pretty moderate (as Republicans go at least).

    Sometimes I read things and really feel like my head is going to explode.

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    Thanks, alterego! I sent the link to my friend and told her to please forward it to her mother. I doubt she will. She fears her family; of course, when you're in a family that yells at you for being liberal (and she's not even that liberal), I don't exactly blame her. Not exactly.

    Of course, I'm of the belief that one should make small sacrifices to get the truth out, but that's just me!

    Now, I'm going to check out the pro-THK article(s).

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