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    I commented on your recent blog entry so some of this you already know.

    I lost all my pregnancy weight over last summer and Fall--so much so that now I'm trying to stop losing and just maintain by 'adding back' certain foods.

    I basically did it with a lot of sweat equity, cardio. Stationary bike and took up running late summer. I really work it.

    I've also changed my diet to feature lots of whole grains--pasta, cereals, breads. My sandwich at lunch (tuna, ham and cheese or turkey and cheese usually) is on light bread, mustard when possible or light mayo. Fruit for snacks (clementines mainly right now at lunchtime)/Danon Light 'n Fit yogurt as well. Lots of veggies at dinner. Dinner usually is fish twice a week (salmon, haddock, or shrimp dishes). Whole wheat pizza dough (Boboli's are great), with diced tomatoes and low-moisture, skim mozzarella cheese. I've lately started putting broccoli on top and may add chicken strips as well. Vegetables have been squash, broccoli, peas, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, or turnip. I drink mainly tea, water, or a cappuccino now and then made with skim milk. I'll treat myself to a hot chocolate now and then.

    Tonight, I'm going to make a cous cous shrimp dish--kind of a paella without the rice.

    With all this fiber--before my body adjusted--I could clear a room--embarrassing but it was mainly at home that the 'trouble' ensued! Talk about gas. . . between me and my husband (LOL). . . .

    My husband's lost 25 lbs as a result--it has had a trickle down effect for my family which is a great positive.

    I bought Ellie Krieger's book and love her show and recipes as well. I also love listening to shows with Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Roizen, authors of 'You, the Owner's Manual' and 'You, on a Diet.'

    I now weigh 109 lbs at 5'4" from weighing (at the height of my pregnancy) 176! I was enormous for my frame. My goal was 120 (I got down to 130 after my son)--I NEVER thought I'd get to that nevermind my weight that I was at 19 for crying out loud. I have to wear belts to keep my size 4 pants up (it's ridiculous, really). I'm not proud of that as I said, I'm trying to maintain maybe 115 and have just begun adding back foods as I don't like the skeleton look on me. I definitely gained a runner's physique.

    I FEEL great though and that's what matters. I have so much stamina from the cardio it's not even funny. I have a ton of energy and can basically leap up stairs now--think Rocky at the museum in Philadelphia (LOL).

    My annual physical is Monday. I'm curious to see what my numbers are. We have a 'Healthy Returns' program here at work and my cholesterol was excellent at that so we'll see.

    I felt so awful about myself and had such a tough recovery after my daughter was born that I attribute that to my motivation. I've always been a thin person so all that excess weight really bothered me. I literally picked myself up from my bootstraps and went to town--I wasn't going to spend one day feeling sorry for myself. I'm proud of myself for that.

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    I am trying to lose a significant amount of weight, and I need the discipline and support that comes from a group, so I re-joined weight watchers. (I had lost 60 pounds with them before but went back to my old (bad) habits and gained it all back).

    I have lost 19 pounds so far, and I have learned a lot about portion control and healthy eating. The HUGE thing for me was giving up regular soda. I still drink diet at the moment (baby steps) but I am still going.

    The big kicker for me was being put on blood pressure meds at 33, yes I do have a severe family history but still...

    I took my first yoga class on Tuesday..I did not think I would be able to participate because I was too heavy but I did most of the forms for most of the time to hold it and it was really great. I enjoyed it a lot (though my legs felt like jelly when I walked out haha). I wish there was more than one class within 50 miles of me, but that one Tuesday can be my thing for now.

    I guess what I am getting at is YES I am trying to lost weight, and a LOT of anyone else who is trying to live a more healthful lifestyle gets a big thumbs up from me!

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    I've been struggling to maintain my weight for about two years now. I teach two half-day Head Start classes, and we have to eat twice with each class, every day. So, I eat breakfast (which is usually pretty healty), two lunches, and a snack, every day at work, and it's killing me. I don't think it would be so bad except for the fact that our food budget was cut almost in half last year, so most of the food we get is very similar to what you'd see in a public school (uber-processed, gross).

    What I've been doing for now, though, is drinking tons of water, eating preschooler-sized portions of the disgusting processed garbage, and eating way more fruits and veggies. And I started taking the little rice snacks to my night classes (instead of starving through them and coming home to binge).

    I'm excited though, because my town is finally getting a gym, and I already got a membership.

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    I am, I have +8 killos for last 2 month

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    I gained weight very much after the birth of my baby. No diets help me.

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