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    It's Friday . . . I wanna hear some GOOD THINGS!

    I never see this thread here anymore, so I'm forced to start one. Anyway, tell me what you're excited about--weekend plans, good things that have happened this week, things you're looking forward to, and random free-floating happiness. Share away! I'll go first:

    -- Well, like I said, it's Friday. That makes me very happy. Cause I hate my job more than ever.
    -- I'm gonna buy some yarn this weekend and attempt to knit the bikini from the SNB book. I've been too busy to knit practically since Christmas, and I'm really excited about getting started up again.
    -- Two weeks from this weekend, going to Mexico with my bilingual boyfriend. Last weekend we crossed the border and I was left out of every conversation due to the fact that I know no Spanish, but it was great because it's so cute to hear him speak it!
    -- I've got some very ripe bananas (they went straight from green to brown without even passing through the yellow stage) that I'm going to bake into banana bread, and for breakfast tomorrow I'm going to treat myself to the vegan french toast that someone posted to Glitter some months back.
    -- Maybe buy a couch this weekend, if it hasn't been bought already. It has cute flat arms that will be perfect for propping books and plates of food on. I really never realized how crucial a couch is to the living room arrangement until living 6 months without one.
    -- I've just decided to host a cocktail-type party some Friday evening in the near future (after I get a couch--see above). Not "cocktail" in the precious, retro, Frank-Sinatra-on-the-stereo sense, although those do have their place; just in the sense that I will have people in my home for a mini-party between the hours of 5 and 10 featuring drinks, snacks, music, lounging about, and fellowship. I rarely host gatherings, so the thought makes me very happy.
    -- I don't have much going on this weekend. And I'm looking forward to that.

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    happy weekend

    My Lush order just arrived: shampoo, conditioner, Fair Trade Foot Lotion (Pepto pink & spearminty) & Ooh La La soap (deep purple & lavender).

    I bought some pinkish recycled silk yarn to knit a tampon cozy this weekend. And I'm loving the bright recycled silk cellphone cozy I made Monday. (My new phone has a camera, an FM radio & a flashlight!)

    Both work & home are well stocked with Caffeine-Free Diet Coke.

    I'm looking at a new apartment tomorrow morning. It has a tub (I've only got a shower), air conditioning, and a dishwasher. Still no washing machine, but I'm used to lugging my laundry across town.

    I'm going to an agricultural fair this weekend, and there's now a farmers' market in my neighborhood every Saturday.

    ETA How could I forget to mention that IKEA New Haven opens on Wednesday?!

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    going to the zoo tomorrow :)


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    -very first meeting of our stitch n bitch on Monday
    -I only had to pay my Dad back $60 of $115 I owe him because he knows we need the money
    -A bird outside the window has been taunting my cats and it's so funny
    -Thinking about firing up my torch and doing a little silversmithing this weekend
    -getting rid of my junk and making a little money by the way of ebay

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    Unfortunately I am not looking forward to my weekend.
    -Tommorrow I work 11 hours making burritos...I don't mind the hours, but the customers (all tourists) are stingy and rude.
    -The only good thing is I am starting to knit a purse that was in Hip to Knit with a hemp yarn that I recently bought.

    I hope everyone has a better weekend than me!

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    Ugh, stuck at work during prime Happy Hour time so...
    -I have what may or may not be a date (which may or may not happen) with a cute boy I had a bit of a crush on last year on Monday.
    -Went to CVS at lunch and bought sparkly nail polish and painted my fingers and toes.
    -Have been in a major cooking mood this week, have lots of good stuff in my fridge. Am dreaming of tapenade mixed into yogurt cheese with Trader Joe's triscuit knock-offs. Yum!
    -Going dancing tomorrow night! I love dancing.
    -Going to Home Depot this weekend to buy and have cut some lumber. Going to HD and trying to get service is a Bad Thing, but then I'll be able to attempt to build a bookcase for myself using my new drill. I'm pretty excited about this venture.
    -Won an eBay auction for watercolor crayons! This was my favorite medium in my watercolor class, and they are way cheaper than I could have found in the store (although still set me back a pretty penny!).
    -Have exercised Sun-Thurs this week, finally getting back into the groove after being majorly disrupted by moving and miscellany (and by miscellany I mean an evil boy).

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    When I went to buy food for dinner tonight I got delayed for 20 minutes by the cutest black kitten ever. He was very interested in my patent shoes and ended up lying across my feet so I wouldn't leave him. He also had just figured out he had claws and kept flexing them for me, but not clawing anything, just looking at them as if to say "huh, aren't I so cool with these. I could rip your tights, but I won't".

    He was the purriest kitten I ever met, and if he hadn't had a collar on I would have possibly been very bad and taken him home. Instead I took him back to the address on his tag, popped him in the garden and ran before he could sit on my shoes again.

    I'd had a crappy week and have a crappy weekend ahead so meeting cute kitty was one of those little things that made me happy.

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    love this idea!!

    today is my little boy's birthday (i feel old!)
    my chihuahua, bianca, is pregnant
    i saw a really good movie today (garden state)
    my mom-in-law made yummy tacos and rice for us for dinner
    and i saw another movie that was so-so, but still enjoyable (i, robot)


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