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    ugh, i didn't even think of that. how lame. i'd rather be chubby than have my ribs and spine poke out of my skin. i can't imagine what else they were going for, though. Alli doesn't bring any other "skinny" images to mind.

    i guess one of the main things is that people who aren't able to lose weight conventionally by exercise and diet changes, for whatever reason, should be under the care of a doctor if they are taking diet pills of any kind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MlleEmily
    Can't believe these are called Ally. Like Ally McBeal! God I hope not but I can just envisage the marketing focus group around that...
    I'm not sure, not really being tapped into popular culture, but I think I read that it's not "Ally" as in McBeal but "Ally" as in, "This is my ally in the fight against fat!"

    I don't know that that's any better, but it's not explicitly trying to make a gal skin and bones. Though I'm sure the "McBeal" part doesn't hurt.

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    I do not really believe in diet pills, because I myself took them and did not get any results. Maybe just a little pills? I took Xenical, if anyone is interested.

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