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    I got a money order because I'm buying some jewelry online.

    I have the 'pay to the order of' line filled with the company name, like I was instructed to do.

    Below that is a line where I needed to sign. Did that too.

    But below that is a line that says 'address'.

    Who's?? Mine? The company's? I've searched high and low on both the order and the site from which I'm ordering, PLUS all over the net and I can't find anything that helps me.

    Any of you gals and guys use money orders like mine? It's a "TravelersExpressMoneyGram International Money Order", and frankly I'm stumped. Here's a pic of it. Sorry for the quality.

    HELP!!! I'm not retarded I swear, I just don't want to mess up the transaction.

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    I believe it's YOUR address that you write in that space. That is so the recipient knows who and where to send the goods.



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