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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyssalicious
    I finally saw "Igby Goes Down" and "The Good Girl." I really liked them both. Kieran Culkin proved to me where the talent in that family went.
    I adore Kieran Culkin and Igby Goes Down, but I have to admit, Rory Culkin is probably more talented than Kieran, who is in turn more talented than Macauly. Go figure.

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    kill bill v2

    Just saw Kill Bill v2 last night and I thought it was pretty good, I didn't care for the first one that much either. I think that if Tarrentino had taken the few good parts of the first one and then carved down v2 a little on time (removing the first scene with Uma's monologue driving) then he would've had a real tight film on his hands. In fact, since most of v1 is reviewed in 2, I would recommend skipping the first one and just seeing 2.

    I hope this isn't the wave for the future -- 2 part movies. First matrix, then this, and I think the next Harry Potter's supposed to be a 2 parter. Geez, when will Hollywood directors get it: more story, less sfx and fluff!

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