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    Help want to volunteer/work

    Hi guys I am a freshman art education (art teacher) major in RI and I am looking for a place to volunteer or work over the summer that will help me get exsperience in my feild any one have any sugesstions or help?

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    I would suggest talking to someone in your department, and checking to see if there is an Upward Bound program at your school for disadvantaged youth, those kind of programs are always looking for people with to help with activities. Also check with local YMCA/YWCA summer camps. Good luck!

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    I just talked to the Alzheimer's Association, and they use volunteers for art therapy. Maybe check with them?

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    I spent several months in the hospital as a teenager, and I was a huge fan of the art cart guy. I think he was a college student. He came around with a cart full of art supplies and we drew and flirted with him.

    Actually, it was kind of inappropriate in retrospect. But maybe you could do the art cart without the flirting.

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    You could look at:

    Both websites list volunteer opportunities -- even if there isn't something that is a perfect fit, you might find an organization that appeals to you, and then you can go talk to them -- and once you get to speaking to them -- there might be the opportunity to do something more in line with your career field.

    There is also (or org) They list opportunities to paint murals in childrens' hospitals and other places, that could be interesting.

    :) Abby


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