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    there is a thread on Alli here you can search for. it is the same drug as the prescription drug Xenical, and you could not pay me enough to take it.

    pixieblossoms, at your height and weight you are in the "overweight" category of BMI, and definitely not obese or unhealthily overweight. you could probably lose the few pounds JUST by cutting back on fat without taking Alli, and not have to worry about being deficient in fat-soluble vitamins or oily farts.

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    Hi Stella,
    Well, let me say that I am not marketing alli here, I don't want people thinking that. I just told my experience, very short, so far. I understand that a lot of people don't agree with medicines to loose weight and yes, I do agree that it can be harmful, but that's a personal choice. I don't tell anyone to take medicine and I just told my own experience, as I said. I am not obese, that' right. But I also don't like how I am looking at the moment. I also don't really like exercizing, so I wanted to try the medicine. To be honest I will agree that if I just cut all that my body doesn't need I will loose weight and I won't need medicine. But, that's the problem. I did it for months and nothing happened. So now I've lost 10lbs. I am not planning to be skinny, since my goal is 145lbs. I will be wearing 8 and it will be great. I don't like being fat, sorry. I respect who wants to be. I don't feel happy when people ask when I am due. That's my choice. Trust me, 145lbs I won't be showing my bones!!!! I am happy to wear my old clothing again and I am doing my best to keep eating healthy meals and stop with alli very soon. I did cut some food, like pasta . Not oily farts so far, not loose poop...well, I can't say much, since I am not a doctor, not an expert...but I appreciate to read the other topic about alli, I keep all info in mind. I took few weeks to decide over this medication and I am not saying it is the best thing ever, it's just my own choice.

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