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Thread: back to school

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    back to school

    At 36 yo, I have gone back to school. I'm a little more than half way done, but my determination is faltering. I'm really having a hard time staying motivated because I'm so darn tired all the time. I still work 4 days a week, in addition to running a household with two kids and a husband who works all the time. (so he's not much help, although he could do a little more). Anyone else ever been here. How did you get through it? Im to close to quit now but I need a boost to sustain me. HeLp!!

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    well, don't quit now, or all the effort you put in to get more than half done will go to waste!

    maybe you could talk to your husband about helping you more, or pay for child care when you need a break? maybe he could take over on running the household while you finish school.

    does your school have support for re-entry students, or students with children? they may be able to offer help or advice.

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    One of my professors shared a story with me about a bit of advice his wife's advisor gave her and they live by: if you want to be successful get as much help as you can afford. For some this is as simple as joining a support group, for others housekeepers have saved their marriages and careers. In fact, the only thing that has statistically led to a diminishment in women's "second shift" is hiring help.

    You also may assume that your husband won't help out, but I bet if you sat down with him and was like "listen, I need some help right now, what if I gave you a list of ___ things per day/week? It would make such a huge difference in my career right now." Sometimes my husband assumes that I have time to do housework because I work from home (as a student), but I have to remind him every couple of months that even though I am physically at home I am too busy to do housework.


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