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    I'm going to INDIA!!!

    My boss told me last Friday that I could go to an energy conference in India. This is my first trip out of the country other than Canada. We will be in Mumbai for most of our trip. I am most interested in hitting the markets for fabric, jewelry and other crafty things I can ship home. Any advice is appreciated.

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    I wish I had some advice, but basically I'm just jealous!! :) I know you can get any of your existing clothing copied at the tailor, so if you have anything you like and would like to get a couple copies made, it's a possibility there.

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    Oh! I am so jealous! I was in India this past January and spent way too little time in Mumbai. I would definitely recommend the cloth market. It was crazy and a little overwhelming. I don't know what skin color you are, but I am very white and very tall so I stood out quite a bit and attracted a lot of attention which made shopping difficult. People want money for everything they do for you. Also, be warned - people will lie and say they work for someone, a taxi service, etc. I did really well out of our group - I didn't say no, no thank you, or anything. I just ignored people completely. It might sound callous, but any response is taken as a sign to push further.

    Near the cloth market is the jewelry market. The good stuff is not at all cheap. There's also another market in that same area for food and stuff. I bought a ton of spices there- it was by far the most appreciated souvenir I bought for anyone.

    I really wish I could go again. Our group put off shopping because we were traveling so much, but when it came down to it, I had to exchange rupees at a loss because I didn't have enough time to spend it all. I can definitely give you some shop and restaurant recommendations, if you are looking for those. I would just need to check out a city map. I loved my time there. The people are wonderful, the food was some of the best I've ever had in my life, and the colors - sounds - everything was just amazing.

    Here are my India photos:
    This is one of me getting a saree made!

    I can go on and on about this topic, so let me know if this is helpful, if you have specific questions, what kind of money you're willing to spend, etc.

    Also, I am filled with regret about not getting one of these puppets:
    If you found them, I would totally pay you for it with an import fee! ;)


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