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Thread: gay friend

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    gay friend

    I just discovered, unbeknownst to him, that my best male friend is gay. I am in love with him. We have been together (yet not formally dating) for 4 years. We have not kissed nor engaged in sex.

    I have always suspected him of being gay - he has denied it over and over when I prod.

    I think he is suffering from depression and I don''t know what to do.

    I feel so alone and confused. I want to help him - but I need to move on with my life. I have loved him for so long and I dont know if I can deal with this anymore. We are graduating from college - I have to settle this somehow for myself.

    Can someone please tell me what to do/ where to go from here.

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    If he is gay and you are a girl, you are just going to have to move on wrt having a BF/GF relationship.
    Just be his friend, if you can't then move on.
    Don't mean harsh on your mellow, but if he is depressed and hiding that he is gay from you, your being in love with him ain't gonna help and you aren't going to change him so don't try to convince yourself that you will.

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    He may not be ready to admit it to himself yet, if he isn't ready to admit it to you. If you have been friends for 4 years, and have been in love with him for that long and it hasn't been reciprocated (other than in friendship), then you need to move on and maybe broaden your horizons and date other people (if you haven't been). It might help you move on from him to meet others.

    He'll tell you when he is ready, otherwise, don't push him on it...just be his friend!

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    I would suggest: be his friend and find someone else to date. Best wishes--it's difficult, I'm sure.


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