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Thread: craft vacation

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    craft vacation

    I am working on a business plan for a craft vacation, but before I take the financial plunge, I would like to see if people think it is a good idea. Could you see yourself or someone you know taking one of these vacation weeks? - it would be in a small historic town, you would stay and learn unusual crafts in a charming old victorian house. Bed and Breakfast and light lunch would be provided. There would be interesting places to visit in the evening or you could keep crafting all night if you want to .Small groups - fostering a sense of friendship and community among participants. I want to aim at people who love to do crafts and would love to get away with like minded folks to immerse themselves in a really comfortable house and do what they enjoy most but don''t get time for. Would it work?!!!! I know I would love it but would enough other people?

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    Yeah, I would. But I'm weird.

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    It's being done, so why not? Here on this (Dutch) site they're offering a sculpture holiday in France:

    Sorry it's all in Dutch, but just looking at the pics you get the idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astrid

    Sorry it's all in Dutch, but just looking at the pics you get the idea.
    translate it here!
    i use this site all the time - either to translate another site or on my blackberry to tell the daycare helper something if the primary care provider isn't available.

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    I think it's a great idea. It seems that there are theme vacations, like biking, cooking, etc., so crafting would be a good one, people could learn, share ideas, chat, fun!


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