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Thread: wedding dress

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    I like the first one very much, it's very romantic, so lacy and all.

    I'm sure you will make a good choice, and best wishes with it all.

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    I like the second one a lot. It looks very elegant!
    The first one sort of a costume to me. Like a halloween costume of a wedding dress instead of an actual one. But it might just be the photo or something.

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    The 2nd one says "Sophistication" to me. You see the elegance of the woman before you look at the dress.

    Granted, the 1st one is not shown on a person, but I think you'd see the frilliness of the dress before you'd notice the bride...and that would kind of defeat the purpose of the day.
    Afterall, it IS all about YOU and your new SPOUSE!!

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    Depends on your personality. I like styles that are more funky, and would go for option 1.

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    I like the 2nd one better. The first one reminds me of Madonna in "Like a virgin"

    The 2nd one just seems so much classier.



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